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Happy Christmas

Posted on 19 December 2014 by Howard Copelan

Howard Copelan, Publisher

Howard Copelan, Publisher

Once again the Peppermill Corporation did itself proud by generously donating its concert hall for a High School concert.

The thrill of the children playing on a grown up stage is wonderful to watch and for them glorious to remember.

There are few, if any other, casinos who would generously offer their show rooms or concert halls to high school kids. The donation is not just the space but also the staff and their expertise.

We will be web-casting a low resolution video of the event. But for a real video shot in High Definition simply call west Wendover High and place an order.

A $10 donation is requested, which really isn’t much when compared to the wonderful memory captured for eternity.

West Wendover’s Christmas display both the secular Santa Claus display and the religious crèche are not actually over 2,000 years old even if they do look that way.

Seriously it is time to get a new display if not for religious reason then for municipal pride.

While we rejoice to the freedom of Alan Gross others thoughts go to Jonathon Pollard who has spent three decades behind American bars.

Yes what he did was wrong but given all the other scumbags who have committed far worse crimes and received far shorter jail terms, Pollard should go free especially when he poses no threat to our country’s security.

It really should not be harder and less rewarding to being an ally of the United States than in being its enemy.

Yet Cuba wins the door prize just for freeing an old man they arrested on trumped up charges five years go.

Mean while Pollard sits in super max.

Let him go Mr. President.

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