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G Wop Around the County

Posted on 13 November 2015 by Howard Copelan

G WopI will not be able to attend any GOP or Democrat meetings, so I am extending an open invention to both parties (Democrat, Sam Hansen or Republican, Mike Coster) to give me reports on their meetings. These will be printed as written with out changes or opinion on my part. These meetings are important for information as elections are coming closer.

It is very important you are a informed vote!

The District Fire Chief, Brett Waters, needs a “That a Boy”.

Mr. Waters has managed to get insurance reduced for homes and businesses in the county. Brett had the flood and fire zones re-looked at and changed, with the up dating of fire equipment and extra training of the volunteers, rates are going down. I have heard this from residents of both Baker and Ruth.  You need to check your rates, I understand it is a sizable drop. Thank you Brett for helping the citizens of the county.

Last weeks question and answer:

What did Hyman Lipman do in 1858 that made life easier for students?

A: He put pencil and eraser together

New Question:

Who was billed as “The Human Mop” when he joined his family’s comic acrobatic vaudeville act at age 3?

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Philosopher Camus wrote “Always go too far, because that’s where you will find the truth.”

As government grows beyond its constitutional boundaries, it really does devour freedom.

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Voting is one of the best ways to let your feelings about the leadership know how you feel as to the direction the Country, State, County and City is headed. Everyone needs to be registered, informed and vote.

Information is truly the hardest to come by. Do not be afraid to talk and ask questions. Listen to others, ask questions and think. You will be alone in the voting both. It is up to you.

With elections coming soon, pay attention to what you hear. Try to use common sense, don’t follow anyone, THINK.

R Place Veterans (old:new) 2015When has the county saved the citizens money before? I know they have, when the franchise fee (tax) was let sunset. This fee is back. The Road Department and others save money by looking for the best deal for supplies. I would like to know of more savings the county is providing. We do need some positive news.

  I do not feel the county employees are responsible for the counties financial shortfall, this lies squarely on the County Commissioners.

 Geri Wop

Wendover Ambulance Veterans day 1-4 2015

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