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Opinion: Was It Voter Fraud ??

Posted on 27 September 2016 by Howard Copelan



Joel F. Hansen is the Attorney for the Tea Party Candidates and Chairman of the Independent American Party of Nevada.

The primary election system in Nevada is broken and probably rotten and needs to be fixed.  Three unsuccessful Tea Party Candidates in the recent Republican Primary election contested the results of the  republican primary election in court on one of the grounds set forth in NRS 293.410(f), that is, that if there is a possibility that there was a malfunction in the voting system for gathering and tabulating the votes, a contest could be brought.  These candidates were Diana Orrock (AD9), Blaine Jones (AD 19), and Mary Rooney (AD41). Attorney Joel F. Hansen represented these candidates in District Court in Las Vegas on July 25th  in a very revealing all day hearing. The sworn testimony of Tony Dane, the Contestants’ expert on election statistics and predictions, exposed the inaccuracy and/or manipulation of the vote count.

Here’s what is broken and/or rotten:  In the past 19 years, this expert has predicted every election he tried his hand at with a margin of error of only 1%, based on exit polls of early voting.  Via robo-calls, he asks early voters to call in and tell for whom they voted.  He receives return calls from about 7% of them, and from these he predicts, before election day, who will win the primary, with almost pin-point accuracy.  But somehow, that didn’t work in the case of these three candidates who were running against the Governor’s anointed, pro-tax candidates (Gardner, Armstrong, and Phillips). The swings which occurred in the various precincts should have been in the range of the final outcome of the election, but they weren’t.  The swing was going in all directions, which makes no statistical sense.  According to Mr. Dane’s sworn testimony, it appears “that the final outcome was predetermined, and the numbers were just filled in to match the totals.   These swings are only explained by a malfunction in the voting system.”  In other words, something was rotten.

Of course, from these statistics it is impossible to prove that there was any malfunction in the voting system or that there was intentional vote manipulation.  But that’s not what is required by the statute-only a possibility of a malfunction is necessary, which of course was established, not only possibly but probably.  Under the statute, if that possibility is shown, then the Judge can order that the raw data from the election must be produced, including the paper ballots which are printed out before the voter casts his vote, and based upon those data, the Judge can either affirm the results, declare the other candidate the winner, or nullify the election and order the county registrar to schedule another election.

Despite all of this, Judge Leavitt (herself an elected official), ruled that the Contestants could not get access to the raw data to see if there were malfunctions or manipulation.  Mr. Hansen asked, “If the Registrar has nothing to hide, why is he so adamantly opposed to letting these candidates get the truth?”   Obviously, the Registrar does have something to hide, that is, the truth.  The Contestants’ other expert witness, Bob Frank, a secure systems expert, was prepared to testify that the system used by Nevada is extremely vulnerable to hacking and other forms of manipulation (as shown by recent revelations of Russia’s ability to hack our elections) and that without the raw data, there is no way for anyone to prove any malfunction or manipulation.  In response to all of this, the registrar, Mr. Gloria, just asks us to “trust” him; everything is fine.  Where does the Constitution or the law require us to trust an elected official?   As Senator Rand Paul aptly observed, “ Our Founders never intended for Americans to trust their government.  Our entire Constitution was founded upon the notion that government was a necessary evil, to be restrained and minimized as much as possible.”

All of these problems with the primary elections are quite easy to solve, if the legislature will do so.  Presently, all taxpayers pay for the cost of the primary elections.  Why do do taxpayers who are non-partisans, Independent Americans, Libertarians, and other parties have to pay for the Republicans and Democrats to decide who will be their candidates?  Obviously, they shouldn’t.  Nevada should adopt a system like Virginia’s.  There, the parties can choose the general election candidates by conducting their own nominating convention . BUT, the cost of the convention is born by the parties themselves without burdening the rest of the voters.  In open conventions, where the votes are cast on the floor of the convention, everyone knows and can easily verify the outcome.

The convention process for choosing candidates, as is done by the Independent American Party of Nevada, has another distinct advantage:  The party platform has meaning.  The delegates can require the candidates to promise that they believe in and will abide by the platform.  Those who refuse obviously will not become the party’s general election candidate.  This way, the active members of the party who take the time and effort to attend the convention, and who are interested in the principles of the platform, have actual influence over the candidates, and in addition, the voters know what the candidate stands for.  As it is now, a major party candidate can be a communist, a socialist, a fascist, or an anarchist ( as some who are presently running are) and still register and run as a democrat or a republican, and no one knows the difference, thus keeping the public in ignorance of the true beliefs of that candidate.  This system promotes what we now currently have: an election which is only to determine who will hold power, without the voters ever knowing what the candidates really believe, or what the political parties stand for.

Nevada needs to change its primary system to eliminate malfunction/fraud in its voting system, to end taxpayer support of primaries, to give the party platforms force and effect, and to let the voters know what the parties and the candidates really stand for. Wouldn’t that be novel and refreshing?  As it is now, bureaucracy wins, democracy loses. BUT, the case is currently pending before the Nevada Supreme Court pursuant to a writ of mandamus, asking the Justices to order that the Contestants be allowed to inspect and manually audit the currently sealed, raw voting data.

The Independent American Party of Nevada stands for verifiable elections with true transparency so the PEOPLE can KNOW FOR CERTAIN WHO WINS.  As it is now, only the bureaucrats know, and they also know how to manipulate the data so that the Governor’s anointed candidates will win.  Thank goodness the Independent American party chooses our candidates in convention, so that our candidates stand for something, LIBERTY under GOD.  The IAPN invites all other political parties in Nevada to support this change in our election laws so that the PEOPLE can know the truth.  What’s wrong with that?

By Joel F. Hansen, Esq. 

Joel F. Hansen is the Attorney for the Tea Party Candidates and Chairman of the Independent  American Party of Nevada.

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Airport Emergency Excercise

Posted on 27 September 2016 by Howard Copelan

Here are seen Casey Snyder from the Wendover Ambulance, the local Fire Departments, Utah/Nevada Forces...(Photos credit Lauara Snyder)

Here are seen Casey Snyder from the Wendover Ambulance, the local Fire Departments, Utah/Nevada Forces…(Photo credit Lauara Snyder)

Ems, Police and Fire periodically conduct MCI training in order to be prepared for any situation. (Photo credit Lauara Snyder)

Ems, Police and Fire periodically conduct MCI training in order to be prepared for any situation. (Photo credit Lauara Snyder)

The ambulances and the Fire department

The Wendover ambulances and the West Wendover Fire Department  at the Wendover Airport.(Photo credit Lauara Snyder)

By Lauara Snyder.

Joint mass casualty simulation(MCI) was held last Wednesday afternoon at the Airport. Scenario was an airplane crash with 150 persons on board. Participating agencies were Wendover Ambulance, West Wendover Fire Department, Wendover Utah Fire Department, Airport Fire Department, West Wendover Police Department, Elko County Sheriff Department, Tooele County Sheriff Department, Tooele County Eemergency Operations Center, Airport Operations, Xtra Airways, and Nevada Highway Patrol. This was a training exercise and it went well.

These exercises were developed according to national guidance and principles outlined by the Homeland Security Exercise Program (HSEEP). CERT programs tailor their exercises to reflect realistic events that may impact their community. The scenario, objectives, and events can be modified based on what the CERT program is likely to respond to and what the program needs to test or practice.


The exercise at the Wendover Airport.(Photo credit Lauara Snyder)



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Wolverine Incline 54-15

Posted on 27 September 2016 by Howard Copelan


The football game against Incline. (Photo credit Lou Copelan)

By Lou Copelan

The West Wendover Wolverine football team had a phenomenal win for their first league game against Incline, with a final score of 54-15. Not only did the team completely dominate Incline, but they had scored a touchdown on an interception in the last 20 seconds of play. This is the second win they had this year, winning the previous pre-season game against Lake Mead Academy.


The football game against Incline. (Photos credit Lou Copelan)


This marks great improvement for the Wolverines, as they had not-so-great seasons for the past couple years, winning only one or two games. Starting the season so strongly is great sign for the Wolverine team.




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Emergency Wild Horse Water Bait Trap

Posted on 27 September 2016 by Howard Copelan


Gathering mustangs(Photo courtesy Bureau of Land Management).

Because of on-going drought conditions resulting in insufficient water to support the wild horses in the Big Sand Spring Valley, the Bureau of Land Management will begin gathering and providing emergency care for up to 300 wild horses. The gather is expected to begin on September 20 in the Pancake HMA located about 30 miles west of Ely or 80 miles northeast of Tonopah, Nevada.

An estimated 1,800 wild horses reside within the Pancake HMA based on a March 2016 inventory flight.  More than 1,000 of the horses were in the Big Sand Spring Valley area.  The HMA has an Appropriate Management Level (AML) of 240-493 wild horses. Precipitation in May and June 2016 filled or partially filled catchments in the Big Sand Spring Valley area which normally provide water for a large portion of the resident horse population in the area. These catchments are now dry which has resulted in additional horses seeking water at the few available spring sources

The BLM’s goal is to help as many horses as able; without emergency action, the condition of the wild horses in the Big Sand Spring Valley is expected to deteriorate and potentially result in the death of some of the horses within a few weeks.


The BLM will gather and remove the wild horses utilizing temporary water and bait traps consisting of a series of corral panels stocked with water and hay; no helicopters will be used. Because of the need for wild horses to adjust to the hay and corrals in a quick and safe manner, only essential wild horse personnel will be allowed at the gather sites during initial operations. Depending on the animals’ adjustment, public viewing through an escorted tour of the temporary holding facility may be arranged at some point during the gather. A veterinarian will be on-site during the first two weeks of gather operations to assess animal condition.

All gathered wild horses will be taken a short distance to a temporary holding facility, where they will receive a veterinarian assessment and have free access to water and hay. The horses then will be transported to the BLM’s Indian Lakes off-range corrals located in Fallon, Nev., and be made available for adoption, sale, or moved to off-range holding pastures.


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Reno Historic Cemetery Angers Graves Heirs

Posted on 27 September 2016 by Howard Copelan


This Sept. 19, 2016 photo shows ribbons and notes tied to the fence around Hillside Cemeteryon the edge of downtown Reno, Nev. Historic preservationists are outraged. (The Associated Press)

A pioneer cemetery on the edge of downtown Reno where the remains of Civil War soldiers, city founders and a tribal chief have rested for more than a century has been anything but restful in recent weeks.

The cemetery’s owners want to dig up as many as 1,100 graves on one end of the 6-acre site and move them to the other end to make way for a development. Reno residents and heirs of the dead are outraged, calling the cemetery a Nevada historical treasure that should not be disturbed.

“Save our souls,” reads a handwritten note between fluttering ribbons tied to the chain-link fence that encircles Hillside Cemetery. Next to the note is a sign bolted to the fence with a markedly different tone: “Notice of determination for disinterment and removal of human remains.”

The owners posted the notice, secured health permits to move remains and alerted family members in recent weeks in accordance with a 2001 state law known as the Cemetery Authority Act.

After encountering a groundswell of opposition, the owners said Sunday they’ve temporarily suspended any plans for exhumations. But critics remain concerned.

“They call it the Cemetery Authority Act. I call it the Grave Robbers Law,” said Fran Tryon, a retired teacher and genealogist who founded the Hillside Cemetery Preservation Foundation.

The site overlooking Interstate 80 a half-mile (0.8 kilometers) from the main casino drag is Reno’s oldest cemetery, the final resting place for hundreds who reflect northern Nevada’s unique frontier past. Granite tombstones and wooden markers sit atop many of the graves, while others are marked by tiny flags or simply a pile of rocks.

The buried include a former Kentucky congressman who moved to Nevada in 1870 and later was appointed a national bank examiner by President Grover Cleveland. Not far away are the remains of Paiute Chief Johnson Sides, who worked as an interpreter and “peacemaker” for the U.S. Army.


Also interred at Hillside are state lawmakers, saloon keepers, train-hopping hobos and dozens of infant victims of scarlet fever and other epidemics from the early 1900s.

“This is northern Nevada’s history,” Tryon told The Associated Press during a recent tour of the property. “These are our founding fathers.”

Facing the prospect of hundreds of graves being moved, volunteers have spent months removing weeds and litter, and posting makeshift signs and markers on the blighted grounds that had become overgrown with sagebrush.

Health officials say opponents’ fears that exhuming the graves could spread anthrax and other diseases are largely unfounded. The only real threat would be to workers doing the digging, who will wear protective clothing.

“Each set of remains would be relocated in its own container,” the Reno health district said in a release.


Drew Lawton, owner of another cemetery that controls Hillside, last week assured the Reno City Council exhumation of graves was not imminent. And on Sunday, just before meeting with dozens of heirs of the dead, he issued a statement on behalf of the cemetery that said in view of “a few families’ unfavorable responses,” any potential disinterment is on hold. He declined to elaborate.

Lawton said in a previous statement that any renovation would include appropriate monuments, fencing and financial provisions for the cemetery’s ongoing care, and any work would be done by archaeologists and other experts.

Developer Vinton Hawkins has the option to buy the land. His spokesman, Reno lobbyist Greg Ferraro, said earlier they envisioned a “multi-phased project” and that discussion about long-term development was premature.

“The Cemetery Authority has gone above and beyond what Nevada law requires in an effort to connect with families,” Ferraro said in a statement.

Tryon acknowledged past problems with vandalism and dumping at the site. But she said neighboring fraternities and sororities that once partied there have helped with cleanup in recent years. Over Labor Day weekend, they helped fill more than a dozen garbage bags with weeds and trash.

Jeremy Lambert, a U.S. military veteran who lives across the street, joined the cleanup effort four months ago.

“I didn’t like all the weeds,” Lambert said. “Then I saw the foundation’s site on Facebook and started to learn about all the veterans here — Civil War, Spanish American War, World War I.


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Nevada’s Casino Industry Organization Launch An Anti-legalization Marijuana Campaign

Posted on 27 September 2016 by Howard Copelan



A formal campaign against legalizing recreational marijuana in Nevada launched Friday with the support of heavy-hitters including Gov. Brian Sandoval and the organization that represents Nevada’s casino industry.

The group called Protecting Nevada’s Children went live with a slick website in the first major push against Question 2, which will appear on the November ballot.

Another campaign supporting the measure has been active for months. “Nevada’s future success depends on a better education system and a well-prepared workforce,” said Republican former Nevada Assemblyman Pat Hickey, the campaign’s spokesman. “Commercializing marijuana and trying to turn the Vegas Strip into the ‘Amsterdam of the West,’ will harm both efforts.”

Officials declined to name their financial backers, saying that information would come out in mid-October when state campaign finance disclosures are due.

Top elected Republicans voiced their opposition to the pot measure, and several called Colorado’s recreational marijuana law a failed experiment. Opponents include Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt, Lt. Gov. Mark Hutchison, Reps. Joe Heck, Mark Amodei and Cresent Hardy, and Sen. Dean Heller.


“As a father and grandfather, I’ve always been fearful of both the immediate and long-term effects of recreational marijuana usage,” Heller said. “Unlike medical marijuana, I have serious concerns on whether or not the benefits of recreational marijuana outweigh the drawbacks.”

Democrats are more split on the issue. Ten Democratic lawmakers offered early endorsements of the recreational marijuana question in June, but Sen. Harry Reid said last month that he was “dubious” about the measure. Rep. Dina Titus said Friday that she’s undecided and still researching its implications.

Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto told the Las Vegas Sun on Thursday that she’d vote no on the measure, citing concerns about the lack of a banking system for the industry and the conflict it would create between state and federal laws.

The casino industry lobby, which registered its opposition on Friday, noted that state gambling regulators who are strict about offering up casino licenses are wary of those businesses getting involved in the recreational pot industry.

Proponents of Question 2 say marijuana prohibition has helped drug cartels, and argue that taxing and regulating it would bring in money for schools and public services.

Spokesman Joe Brezny of the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol said Question 2 opponents were on the wrong side of history.

“They have spent their lives believing that marijuana needs to be illegal and cannot grasp that a majority of Americans — and a majority of Nevadans — no longer do,” he said.


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First Ad Against Nevada Gun By Check

Posted on 27 September 2016 by Howard Copelan


A National Rifle Association-backed group has begun airing a TV ad featuring the Nevada state attorney general and three sheriffs urging voters to reject a gun-purchase background checks measure on the November statewide ballot.

The 30-second spot by NRA Nevadans for Freedom debuted last Tuesday, featuring Attorney General Adam Laxalt and sheriffs Ken Furlong of Carson City, Chuck Allen of Washoe County and Gerald Antinoro of Storey County. They say the measure wouldn’t prevent crime and would criminalize gun ownership.

The ad says the fight is really about gun control and urges voters to “stand with law enforcement” against the measure, Question 1.

Nevadans for Background Checks, proponents of the measure, began airing an ad two weeks ago featuring another law-enforcement official, Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers President Jim Dunlap. It says approving the initiative would reduce gun violence and save police officers’ lives because it would become harder for criminals to get guns.

The National Rifle Association group responded that criminals would still get guns.

A yes vote on the initiative would require background checks through a licensed gun dealer when most firearms change hands. Exceptions would be made for giving guns to immediate family members, temporary transfers of a weapon while hunting or target shooting, and for immediate self-defense.

In a statement Tuesday, the proponents’ group accused the NRA of using “half-truths” in its ad to scare legal gun owners into thinking the measure threatens Second Amendment rights.

The NRA-backed opponents criticize the proponent group for accepting financial backing from Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, a group affiliated with former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.




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Why Is This Trailer Still There?

Posted on 27 September 2016 by Howard Copelan

The trailer at the 3 Miles hill. (Photo credit High Desert Advocate staff)

The trailer at the 3 Miles hill. (Photo credit High Desert Advocate staff)

There is a trailer up 3 mile the hill in Wendover who has locals wondering why is it still there after almost 5 weeks. So the Advocate talked to Lt. Don Salinger at the WWPD about it and Lt. Salinger said that an officer had contacted the owner of the trailer about it. First he, the owner, broke down a few weeks ago, when he was parked at a local Casino Lounge motor home parking lot. But the Casino after a week or so, asked him to move it. So with the help of a local tow truck he moved to the new location, thinking it would be out of the way until he could get it fix. But he had money problems and it is taking him longer than expected. Lt. Salinger added that an animal control officer had contacted the owner about his pets, as the Advocate heard one little dog barking inside the trailer, and was asking about it. The Officers said they are looking into City Ordinances, and reviewing city codes, as they don’t want it to become a nuisance. But that the owner falling into some hardship, they will follow up with him and see if he could fix his trailer soon enough without having to penalise him further.


A closer view of the trailer at 3 Miles hill. (Photo credit High Desert Advocate staff)


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Geri Wopschall Around The County

Posted on 26 September 2016 by Howard Copelan


Philosopher Camus wrote “Always go too far, because that’s where you will find the truth.”

White Pine County Commission meeting – September 14, 2016

Before the meeting started, it was noted the American Flag was placed in the wrong location. It was placed on the left (stage few) of the Nevada and Country Flags. This was quickly rectified. Then it was noted that the American flag was much lower than the Nevada Flag. With some deliberation it was decided to cut the bottom off the Nevada state flag. A maintenance person was found and the pole was cut. Now the American flag is slightly higher than the Nevada flag. I was thinking the flags had been put on the wrong poles.

4. When flags of States, cities, or localities, or pennants of societies are flown on the same halyard with the flag of the United States, the latter should always be at the peak. When the flags are flown from adjacent staffs, the flag of the United States should be hoisted first and lowered last. No such flag or pennant may be placed above the flag of the United States or to the right of the flag of the United States (the viewer’s left). When the flag is half-masted, both flags are half-masted, with the US flag at the mid-point and the other flag below.

Public comment

Ed Spears pointed out that the agenda Item C 3 was incorrect. It is an ordinance to change the hotel room tax rate from 9% to 11 1/2%. The current room tax rate is 11%. This should be tabled.

Fire Commission- (I personally do not think the Country Commissioners should be the Fire Commission) There was no update on the fire district feasibility study. There should be a final draft submitted soon.

The correspondence from the White Pine County Fire Chief Association discussion was tabled until the district attorney could be present.

Six people were sent to the memorial service for the fire fighter who lost his life on  the Strawberry fire. This expense was okayed by Gary Perea. There was some discussion on Perea’s right to OK this expense. Perea did offer to pay the bill himself, but the commissioners voted to pay the expense. There were six firefighters who attended this memorial in Montana.

Fire chief Tim Woolever stated that you were not allowed to travel representing the county fire department unless you are under paid status.

The sheriff station does attend such memorial services for fallen officers, but this is done on a volunteer basis and the expenses are not reimbursed by the sheriffs or the county.

The decision was made to look into a policy that would cover the expenses of firemen traveling to a memorial service.

Ordinance 465, Bill number 08–2 4–16 A, an ordnance creating a White Pine County Board of Health and its duties and powers pursuant to NRS chapter 439 was approved. The payment for this position was to be $25 and was changed to $50.

(This is a position that has been a long needed and White Pine County.)

County will be changing internet service. Westnet (Atom Splash) has proposed service at $18,000 a month at a savings of $11,576 a year. The school district is using this service now.

Mike Coster inquired about the disconnect fees to disconnect from AT&T. There is no disconnect fee because we are month to month with AT&T.


New contract agreement between the Board of County Commissioners, County of White Pine and Randy Long, golf professional. Randy did send a letter to the commissioners stating his feelings about the new contract and felt that it was not a good contract. Long objected to the closing date of December 1, and not paying his family insurance.  He would like the county to offer $15,000 to hire an assistant.

Long has a special contract, unlike any other employee. Long has the use of the clubhouse in which he conducts his own business.

There was much discussion about some negotiation and the possibility of opening it up to a new golf professional. Since the contract is up January 1 a decision has to be made.

Agreed to submit contract as is, with possible time frame  negotiation.  Answer to come in two weeks at the next Commission meeting.

The reduction of hours from eight hours to seven hours per day for a 35 hour work week for the administrative assistant and management assistant senior positions in the Community and economic development department as approved on the final budget. This action was to be official as of September 13. However The commissioners decided to postpone it until October 1. The commissioners all question this action and Gary Perea said he had something in the works and would like to postpone it until then. Perea would not state what his plans were. The commission did vote to postpone this until October 1.

(The commissioners need to cut the payroll costs. They have started at the lowest possible levels to do these cuts. Although I do not disagree with these cuts, the cuts should come from the top. I do realize that a department head should make more than anyone under them and maybe that’s why they are starting at the bottom. This is a very slow process that they are doing and is not very helpful at balancing the budget. I do believe that they are in the bonsai tree business.)

The county is not doing all they can to save our taxpayer dollars. This has been an ongoing problem for a number of years. If the county is really concerned about the county, they will not want the state to come in and take over again. I know that they can stop spending and make the cuts they need if they really want to.

Townships are asking for a commitment for nuisance abatement. A removal of a house will cost about $10,000, the country does not have the money. The country is asking the towns to budget for these costs.

(I believe this is a county expense. These properties have been in poor condition for years and nothing has been done.  The Townships should take steps to contact the owners in a non depending way, to get as much cooperation from the property owner as possible. Maybe there is some type of citation that can be serviced on uncooperative property owners)


ART BANK open Friday’s & Saturday  Noon-4 p.m.Sunday’s 10-2 p.m.

RENAISSANCE VILLAGE open Saturday’s 10-4 p.m.

16Silver State Classic Challenge  ½ & 1 mile shootouts   10-3 p.m.SR 490

16Silver State Classic Challenge Parade of Cars5:30 p.m. WPHS To Downtown

17SSCC Car Show & Judging9-2 p.m.Broadbent Park

17Lions Club Pancake Breakfast8-11 a.m.Broadbent Park

17Sidewalk Art Show10-4 p.m.Ely Art Bank  399 Aultman St.

17Take It To The Lake Half Marathon/Kids

18SSCC Open Road Race8-4 p.m.Lund to Hiko  SR 318

23-25WPHS  RodeoCounty Fairgrounds

29-30Astronomy FestivalGreat Basin National Park-BakerEvening


HAUNTED GHOST TRAIN Runs every Saturday in October at 7 p.m.775-289-2085

1Astronomy FestivalGreat Basin National Park-BakerEvening

811th Annual Breast Cancer Fun-Run/Walk7 a.m.   Steptoe Park775-289-3306

15Lions Club PUNKIN’ CHUNKIN10-4 p.m.County Park

27Great Basin National Park 30th Anniversary Party775-234-7521

28Trick or Treat the Streets1-5 p.m.Downtown Ely775-289-8877

28Community Halloween Party2-4 p.m.Convention Center775-293-6900

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Elko County Residential Summer Market Update

Posted on 26 September 2016 by Howard Copelan

Brenda Claiborne, Realtor

Brenda Claiborne, Realtor

By Brenda Clairborne

(May, June, July) Buyers signed 189 purchase agreement, which is up 20% over same 3 months last year. New listings rose 3% over last year with 272 listings. On average, sellers are receiving 98.6% of their original list price. The median sales price for this period was $235,935 — 1.2% higher than last year to purchase. Interest rates are still attractive, however just slighly on the rise per

The GREAT news is, if you are wondering if now might be a good time to BUY, give me a call and I’ll do my best to match you with one of the amazing homes that we have on the market. Or if you are looking to SELL or just interested in what your home might be worth, give me a call to schedule a free market analysis. Brenda Claiborne, Realtor (775) 388-7463




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