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Wendover Cats Win 57-41 //Wendover Track and Field

Posted on 23 April 2017 by Howard Copelan

By Jim Trammell

Basketball:  Wendover High won 57-41 against West Wendover on Saturday with the help of Keyshawn Rodriguez, who scored 16 points. Claiming a 23-17 lead at the half, Wildcats Junior High pulled ahead early in the game. Rodriguez shot well from the field, making 67% (6-for-9) of shots attempted as well as 60% (3-for-5) of threes attempted. Two other players also scored in the double digits for Wendover High. Pedro Alvarez had 16 points and Jaime Montalvo racked up 11 points. Also contributing for Wendover High were Juan Cornejo (5 points), Easton Tangaro (5 points, 7 rebounds, 1 steal), Francisco Rivera (2 points), and Orlando Alvarez (2 points). Wendover High finished the game with 32 rebounds (14 offensive / 18 defensive) and one steal. Pedro Alvarez and Jamie Montalvo tournament Co. MVP.

Track and Field:




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