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Two Suspects Steal Wendover Highway Patrol Car

Posted on 31 July 2017 by Howard Copelan

Wendover Highway Patrol car stolen by two suspects earlier (photo credit Wendover Utah Highway Patrol)

Utah Highway Patrol troopers are grateful for the help of some good Samaritans who let a trooper use their car after a pair of suspects stole the officer’s vehicle as he responded to a crash Sunday morning.

The good Samaritans were William O’Briant and his brother, from Layton, heading back from a weekend in Wendover.

Later Sunday, police identified the suspects as 28-year-old Tommy Rodriguez of West Valley City and 32-year-old Brady Willes of Kearns.

Trooper Evan Kirby of the Utah Highway Patrol said they were called to a single-vehicle crash on eastbound I-80 at mile marker 21 near Wendover around 9:24 a.m.

“He found a vehicle rolled over and some citizens in a pickup truck that had stopped to help,” Kirby said of the trooper who responded. “The people involved in the crash were loading their personal belongings into the back of the truck and they had told the people who had stopped they would not like police contact and that they were trying to get a ride back to Wendover.”

The trooper ran the crashed vehicle’s license plate and learned the car was stolen, so he took the male and female who had crashed the car into custody. Kirby said the trooper placed both in handcuffs, and the male suspect, Rodriguez, was seated in the “cage” in the back seat while the female, Willes, was in the front passenger seat.

As the trooper was retrieving the suspects’ belongings from the civilian vehicle, and collecting possible evidence from the accident scene, the suspects stole the trooper’s SUV and fled toward Salt Lake City on I-80.

“He was still back there with the citizens, and the citizens offered the trooper to take their vehicle to follow the suspects in his car,” Kirby said.

The trooper started following the suspects while calling for backup, and Kirby said as the trooper closed in on his vehicle the suspects pulled over, exited the SUV and fled on foot. The pair ran over some raised railroad tracks nearby, and when the trooper lost sight of them he elected to await backup rather than pursue them alone.

Kirby said multiple agencies responded, and a Utah County Sheriff’s Office fixed-wing aircraft happened to be in the area assisting with an unrelated search and rescue call. That aircraft responded and was able to quickly locate the suspects, who were hiding in the desert and were still handcuffed. Police said both had managed to move their restrained hands from behind their backs to in front.

“The aircraft was crucial in keeping them located and down until we could get additional resources out to them,” Kirby said.

A helicopter arrived on scene and began issuing commands to the suspects over a loudspeaker as ground units arrived at the scene. The suspects were arrested without further incident.

Rodriguez was suffering from a minor breathing issue, so he was taken to a hospital in Tooele. Police say the breathing issue was “potentially from asthma, drug use, or the crash.”

Willes was also taken to the hospital to be checked out as a precaution. Kirby said it is common for pursuits in the west desert of Tooele County to end in a medical situation due to the heat and harsh conditions. Both suspects are expected to be OK.

Kirby said the trooper’s SUV only had room for one suspect in the “cage”, which is why the female suspect was handcuffed and placed in the front passenger seat.

“At this point we’re assuming the woman was driving, the man had no way to access the front seat,” Kirby said of the theft of the patrol vehicle.

Kirby said they are grateful to the outside agencies that responded to assist as well as for the help of the civilians.

“The citizens were just good Samaritans, I mean, honestly, they stopped to help the people that had crashed, just being good Samaritans,” Kirby said. “And then when they found out that [the suspects] were being arrested and there was more to the story and they stole the trooper’s car, again they stepped up and were willing to let the officer take their car to track down his car, so, all in all they were just really good people willing to help anybody.”

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Suspects in 18-Wheeler Heist Wanted From Utah To New Jersey

Posted on 31 July 2017 by Howard Copelan

Jason Earl from West Wendover  and Rebecca Ziglar from Wendover Utah(photo credit Wendover Police Office)

Two suspects arrested Wednesday in Clark County following an 18-wheeler chase have been identified by the Wendover Police Department, of Wendover, Utah, as Jason Earl Wright and Rebecca Ziglar.

Wright, from West Wendover, Nevada, and Ziglar, from Wendover, Utah, both face charges for possession of a stolen vehicle and eluding police. Police also charged Wright, 30, with resisting arrest and Ziglar, 33, with providing false identification, according to a Wendover Police Facebook post.

The Wendover Police Department has warrants for their arrest for theft and possession of a controlled substance.


Several agencies assisted in the arrest of Wright and Ziglar following a chase of an 18-wheeler reported stolen from Arkansas.

Sgt. Andy West, with the Mississippi Highway Patrol Troop H, said the vehicle’s GPS located the 18-wheeler in Mississippi and troopers spotted the vehicle Wednesday on Highway 19 North, near Allen Swamp Road.

Police chased the 18-wheeler south on Highway 19 to Highway 11, then west onto I-20 and south on I-59, according to West.

West said law enforcement deployed spike strips to delay the vehicle, eventually stopping it around 11 a.m. at the 134 mile marker in Clarke County.

Initially, police in Wendover said Ziglar may be endangered after reporting her missing on June 19. Investigators said, “Wright may be detaining Rebecca against her will.”

Wendover police updated the case on June 23, however, to report that Ziglar was traveling outside of the state with Wright.

Wright and Ziglar are being held in the Clarke County Jail, according to the Clarke County Sheriff’s Department.

Clarke County Chief Deputy Barry White said that both are wanted for charges in New Jersey and the extradition process will begin shortly. Until the two are extradited, Wright and Ziglar will remain in the Clarke County Jail, a process White said could take two to three weeks.

Rebecca Ziglar was listed a few weeks ago as missing, or even kidnaped. Then a few days later was said, from a post on FaceBook, to be with ex-boyfriend Jason Wright, having a good time.

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Geri Wopschall Around The County

Posted on 31 July 2017 by Howard Copelan

Philosopher Camus wrote “Always go too far, because that’s where you will find the truth.”


July 22, 1017

Discussion of funding sources to major repairs on county/ city street roads.

    BJ Almberg – NDOT came to town and discussed clustering.  As you know we are short 200 to 300 people to qualify for some money to help to fix our roads.  NDOT will be going back to state highways.  It is a state highway department that determines the qualifications for getting grant money to redo roads.   NDOT will take it back to the state with our input.  There will be maps drawn up and we will see what we qualify for. It is approximately a 2 to 3 month process to if it things upgraded.

   We are trying to cut our maintenance of the roads down.  The county has chip machine that is not running.  We would like to see if it can be repaired and put to work on our roads to save money.

   Wayne Cameron – How about Public Transit money.  Isn’t there about two million dollars sitting in the Public Transit Fund account?

   BJ – That money is in the County’s account.  The road money comes from gasoline sales tax.  This is divided between the county and the city of according to paved square miles.  The county obviously has more square miles then the city does.  The money we are talking about is called public transit, the city share of that money is about $2000.  The road money goes to the county because it has some more paved roads.

   Wayne Cameron – I just want to know how the city can utilize some of the County’s money to improve the City roads.

   Richard Howe – The County has already heard dressed the transit concerns by way of the Ely bus from the role of money it receives.  We can’t go in to Ely streets.

Discussion – Update on city of Ely and White Pine County projects.

   Dave Berky  (City) – “We not going to be able to financially finish Murray Street, but we will be sealing the part that cannot be finished next spring.  Depending on what the county does with their machines, we may be able to chip seal it which would be far better.  This will be from first read all the way up to the Y.”

   Bill Calderwood (County) – “One of the things I am looking at is RTC and a five year plan.  We have a chipper machine that has not been used in years. 2004.  Two, we want to get the equipment up and running and do a lot of our own working in the house.  We have shippers and rollers and other equipment that I need to get into and evaluate.  I need to evaluate the roads and put them on a maintenance rotation.”

Tourism and Recreation Board July 22, 1017

Public comment:

Steve Stork – The Tourism and Recreation Board needs to get their agenda and backup material on the County’s web site.

(I agree with Steve, it would be very nice to look at the backup material on my computer and grant as an event.  I also feel it would save the tourism and recreation board some money.)

George Chachas – “I received my agenda the day before the meeting.  The law states you have to have an agenda three days before a meeting.  I still have concerns about the railroad meetings, I have not seen an agenda yet.”

Ed Spears – George receives his agenda of via snail mail.  We lobby in the now call mail, and if it is not our fault if George does not receive his agenda on time.  George needs to get it via the Internet or email.

Mark Bassett – “NNRy meetings are non government and do not apply to meeting laws.”

Discussion of /and the possible action: approval to set timeline for submittals of agenda items including all the supporting documentation is/ information no matter no later than 5:00 on Wednesday of the week prior to each board meeting.

4/0 Approval (Jolene Gardener absent)

Discussion and possible action: approval to contribute donations received from the July 4 breakfast to the  C.A. C. H.  In the amount of $755.

4/0 Approval

Discussion – Proposal from Jonathans Dishong for Hot Air Balloon and Salas Festival. Event will be held on August 26.

Discussion: – Presentation by Sandra Reed – proposed idea for Ecotourism

Sandra gave a great presentation about the Nevada correctional centers program on training wild horses and burros for adoption.  The BLM is holding several hundred horses, they do not want to kill them, and so having inmates train the animals, not only saves the lives of the wild horses but also helps the inmates.  The horses then go to auction where every.  Qualification  bids start $750.  The money collected from these auctions can go to feed and train the horses for the next year.

   Northern Nevada Correctional Centers will have saddled – trained wild horses and burro’s adoption on August 18 and 19th at the White Pine County fairground.  Adoption Pre-approval: download a BLM adoption application from the web site at https: / and email to Bruce Thompson at rthompso @  or call (775)-289-1800

Proposal from the great basin Service Club for Festivals of Trees – presented by Linda Derbidge

   Ed Spears “I find that I can no longer support this event with my finances.  With public comment and my having spent over $270,000 in the last 17 years, to take care of, purchased and repair the decorations for all the events that held at the convention Center on Christmas.

   (Ed loving Christmas and the citizens of Ely, has gone to great effort to brighten our Christmas with decorations.  I do hope the City of Ely join me in thanking him for all his service. )

4/0 approval to co-sponsor this event.

Approval of wage and salary increase for staff.

Caroline McIntosh suggested there should be a performance audit of each employee.  The Atty. said this could not be handled in an open meeting.  It was agreed upon that there would be a 2% wage increase.

4/0 Approval

Discussion for possible action: update of 2017 strategic plan to include setting the responsibilities and timelines board member Caroline McIntosh.

It was this cusp to contact a web site called Getaway Today.  This web site allows you to book an event and pay for it over time. ( I have used this system several times when booking cruises.  It is a good way to go.)

   Caroline wanted a time limit on getting this into our system.  Shane said it may take longer than you think  to contact and negotiate.  Then it would take time to get our events on their calendar.

  It was decided to check into this website and report back to the board when information is available.

4/0 approval

Geri Wop

Ely City Council  July 13

Fire Chief’s Report

There were 34 calls last month, 330 so far this year.

City Attorney- back flow device

  The deadline of June 30 to come up with a plan or have devices installed.

Four of the property owners have and installed  the backflow devices. Sahara motors, Ely Shoshone Tribe, Robinson Nevada Mine and Bonanza Oil’s I have all installed the devices.

  Highland Terrace (115 West Highland Dr. and 110 JV Walker), and Hardeep Singh (1400 & 1425  Alterman St.) have contacted Ahlver Plumbing to have the backflow device installed.

   Moattar Properties (1301 Altman, 900 Avenue M, 1550 High St. and 195 15th St.)

R&R Properties and Management (100 and 1011 South Pioche Highway) and Thompson Properties (800 E. Aultman have taken no action).

  All of these property owners were served with a notice on or about May 19, 2015 and again on June 24, 2015 do have these backflow prevention devices installed on their commercial property in Ely Nevada.

   All of these property owners do face the possibility of having their water shut off if they are not in compliance. One option for the City is to levy a fine of $100 a day for noncompliance. If the water is shut off there will be a displacement of people. And the owners of the property would be responsible for placing their renters. One problem is there’s no place to place him.

   There will  more notices going out to additional property owners shortly.

5/0 vote to levy a fine with an appeal plan.

   Review of City Treasure Trask’s July 6, 2017 Memo to the Mayor. This is regarding General fund financial concerns. You will have seen this letter in last weeks paper.

  There were some concerned about new fees set up by the court that were placed in the wrong fund. There were several accounting errors and money is put into wrong funds. Monies were put into the General Fund that were to go into other funds such as the Streets Fund.

  $162,465.00 was put into the General Fund that belong in other funds. In A short period of time you’re spending more money than you receive. Your budget needs to be reviewed monthly.

  The Mayor did say she was pissed off with all the rumors and accusations surrounding this letter. The Mayor wanted to make sure that it is in the newspaper that the City is not going to be taken over by the Department of Taxation.

Stephen Bishop was appointed as Municipal Judge Pro-Temporae.

   Approval to renew the city of Ely’s membership in White Pine Chamber.

4/1 decline

   Appointment George Chachas

City Attorney: I feel that Mr. Chachas  should not be appointed. Mr. Chachas owes the City $1100.

George was not appointed

 Approval of Resolution 2017-09 to add “Intraosseous Infusion Therapy” fee.

Ambulance Service Fee.   5/0 approval

      For reading  of an ordinance No. 706. Record management to comply with the requirements of NRS 239, public records and address of processed by which public record request shall be process by city personnel, providing a fee schedule for production of public records at the request of the member of the public

Geri Wop

White Pine County Commission Meeting July 12, 2017

Public Comment:

Law inforcement dinner at the Elks Lodge, July 21 at 5 o’clock. The cost will be $15.

   County Fire Department  calls June 17 to July 11

   Calls: 78 calls for service

Medical Emergencies: 39, up 15 from last month

Medical Assist: 8, down 2 from last month

Care flight transfers: 19, down 4 from last month

Hospital to hospital transfers: 7, up 5 from last month (This is transporting from Ely to another hospital such as Salt Lake. This does bring in come into the county fire station.)

Fire: 3, 1 wildland and BLM assist

Special event: 1

Public Assist: 1

   Training Completed:

Monthly EMS/ Fire

    Wildland Refesher

   Upcoming Training:

Monthly EMS, now accredited for CEU’s for a year

FF 1&2 training

Advanced Wildland Firefighter Classes

  A. S-211, Power Saws – 7-22-17

  B. S-212, Portable Pumps. 7-24-17

Wind Farm Disaster drill. 7-26-17

   Fire Chief  Tim Woolever    

   Monthly stitistic’s reports will only be given out on the first meeting of the month.

Baker fire was out in 4 hours. There will be a cost for all the air craft.

     Discussion/Possible Action  Mutual Aid Agreement with the City of Ely.

   The agreement is very long, but the City charges every time they are called out, the County charges after 24 hours.

McKenzie “The only thing that concerns me is the $50.00 Administration Fee from the City and the County doesn’t have any thing like that. I thought this was going to be mutual and we treat each other is the same way, but I guess not.”

(If the County doesn’t charge for the first 24 hours, how can one say anything is equal.)

Wheable “The City has laid out all their rates and they bill us for every call out. We give them the first 24 hours. The Commission has voted to approve this before. We know almost all of our assets to the City fall under that 24 hours. So frankly this agreement says they bill us when they help us, but we do not bill them when we help them.”

 City fees-  $50 Administration ; $18.21 per hour per Volunteer

Group A rate $250. Per hour (use the full-size fire truck and other primary service vehicles with traditional service equipment.)

Group B rate $150. Per hour (smaller service vehicle with airbags, rescue ropes and other alternative service equipment)

Support Vehicles $100 per hour

Haz-Mat Units $350. Per hour

Extrication Equipment $250. Per incident

Materials are provided to the fire district at the City’s  cost for replacing them

Mileage will be calculated for all service calls at five dollars per mile with a 10 mile, $50 minimum charge

     County charges after 24 hours

Type 1 or 2 engine, three personnel minimum – $250. Per hour

Type 3 or 4 engine, 3 personnel minimum – $2,520. per day

Type 6 or 7 engine, 2 personnel minimum- $1,800. per day

Water Tender, 2 personnel minimum – $1192.50 per day

Ambulance (BLS), 2EMTs – 2 AM GB – $1760 per day

Ambulance (ILS), 2EMTs – 1 EMT plus 1 EMTB – $1,960. Per day

Command vehicle $50 hourly rate

Chief officer $52.48 hourly

Assistant Chief $41.01 hourly

Pump Driver Officer $41.01 hourly

Firefighter/EMT – 41.01 hourly

EMT Basic – $25.64 hourly

EMT Advanced- $28.72 hourly

Investigator – $52.48 hourly

Volunteer firefighter – $18.21 hourly

5/0 approval

    Preliminary Monthly Report

      Elizabeth Frances “We expected a $190,000 deficit for the fire department, but the deficit is actually $61,000.”

5/0 approval

    Howe asked Gary Perea to have a meeting with the EMTs, and Shane Bybee to have a meeting with the Fire Chief’s.

     McGill Volunteer Fire Chief felt that he and other Volunteers should’ve been able to be part of the discussion in making this agreement. He stated that without Mrs. Wopschall’s  information on White Pine Talking he would not have known of the agreement. He stated that at the last fire chiefs meeting there were only four that showed up, Laision  did not.

Stork stated that the agendas can be sent to anyone if they ask.

McGill Chief then replied I have a full-time job and cannot attend all of your meetings.

When I have to give up my hours, with no pay, I feel I should be part of the discussion.

Perea “They don’t know what support the commissioners give them. Both the city and the county would be in bad shape without our volunteers.”

   Discussion/Possible Approval– ordnances 475. Revealing a section of the ordinance pertaining to the discharge of firearms, shotguns, Pellet gun, air gun, or spring gun during the night time.

  A residents of Cross Timbers stated to case against allowing shooting at night. This will allow the members of the skeet club to have night shooting which will disrupt the neighborhood.

4/1 Approved Perea voted no

      (Until this revision of the ordinance, any night shooting had to get a permit from the sheriffs department. With this skeet club, when they have night shooting it may include up to 40 people. The ordinance did not allow for a group permit. This does allow  trappers, etc. to shoot without a permit)

    Discussion/Possible Approval– give NNRDA (Northern Nevada Rural  Development Agency) $10,000 to create a new strategic plan for White Pine County’s economic development.

The cost of this plan is $80,000. The city was asked to provide $10,000, but said they have no money. The director of the NNRDA has raised $20,000. There is a grant that has a 50% match.

Howe “We have had a EDC office since 1983 there has been no development. Previous strategic plans have not panned out.”

The first thing that the plan would provide is away for a job growth in the city of Ely It will take weeks or months for The study to begin after the money is raised.

5/0 Approval

   Budget Resolution 2016-39 to augment $140,000 into the general fund for the sales of county property. The property has not been sold so this money will not go into the general fund.

Budget resolution 2017 – 33, to augment the general fund with $36,000, not needed because a grant for $42,000 has been acquired.

White Pine Airport Advisory Board July 11, 2017

Update on Airport Usage

June Enplanements – 563

Private – 102

Commercial – 63

Medical – 17

Government – 49

   Report of a glider downed. The glider was flipped over in the air and lost it’s canopy. The pilot parachuted out and only had minor cuts and picked up by a BLM helicopter.  That night Steve Stork and Lance Gale flew over the site and located the glider, which was brought down the next morning.

     Report of a plane, out of Provo Ut, engine out and needed a emergency landing. The plane landed safely .

     Update/Report Courtesy Car for Airport

These cars are only available for airports. Yelland Airport is at the top of the list to receive one the first part of 2018.

     Update Airport Days

Everything ready and I hope everyone enjoyed the event.

    Report on Possible Airshow in June 2018.

Yelland Airport will be hosting an air race for Biplanes and Formula 1 planes. There should be 14 to 18 planes. Other races bring in 3,000 to 4,000 people, we will need bleachers.

Yelland Airport is ranked #1 in the world for the best place for gliders. 6 out of 10 records were made at Yelland. There is a daily up date on line at

Geri Wop

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Northeast Nevada Wild Horse Roundup Planned

Posted on 31 July 2017 by Howard Copelan

(photo courtesy BLM archives)

(AP) Federal officials are planning the biggest roundup in years of horses roaming public rangeland in northeast Nevada.

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management is seeking public comments for an environmental assessment of the removal of more than 6,700 horses from area between Wells and Ely.

The agency estimates the current wild horse population in the Antelope and Triple B wild horse complexes at about 7,700, not including foals born this year.

It says food and water in the herd areas in Elko and White Pine counties should be able to support fewer than 1,700 horses.

The proposed roundup comes after the federal land management chief in Nevada’s BLM chief and Gov. Brian Sandoval called last year for removing 4,000 horses from the region.

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Breaking News: Lee’s Liquor Store Partnering With Mesquite Marijuana Facility

Posted on 31 July 2017 by Howard Copelan

Lee senior with his son, Kenny Lee, company’s president since 1993, join the Mesquite team for a bid at a marijuana facility in West Wendover. (photo credit Lee’s Discount Liquor).

One of Lee’s Discount Liquor stores in Las Vegas, like the one being built in Wendover. (photo credit Lee’s Discount Liquor).

The owners of the new Lee’s Discount Liquor Store who broke ground last December in Wendover, and due to open end of July-beginning of August just became partners with the Mesquite Marijuana facility operators. What it means is that the Mesquite partners have now a very good chance to get the bid from the City of West Wendover. In effect, there are only five liquor distributors in Nevada, and Lee’s Discount Liquor Store owners are one them. When the facilities open, they need, by the Nevada law, to have a distributor from the growers  of marijuana to the retail store, and only liquor distributors who are in business more than ten years can deal with the Marijuana business of distribution. Because of it the other facilities who will apply for opening in Wendover might have a lesser chance to win the bid. Mr Lee senior(Hae Un Lee) immigrated in 1980, with his family to Las Vegas, from South Korea. The South Korean immigrant started his own business 36 years ago, because no one would hire him as he did not spoke English yet.

Lee enjoyed drinking and noticed how easily supermarkets sold alcohol. Because of that, Lee decided this might be the perfect business, as he thought he wouldn’t need to talk much to his customers. He worked hard to  learn English and the liquor business. Lee’s Discount Liquor celebrate its 36th anniversary and is the largest liquor store chain in Las Vegas, with 20 locations, including one in Mesquite. West Wendover will be the 21st store.

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Wendover Student On USA Team

Posted on 23 July 2017 by Howard Copelan

Uriah Trammell with Team USA Track and Field in Australia.(photo credit Jim Trammell)

Uriah Trammell, a Wendover graduate, represented Wendover High School on USA team Track & Field Sydney, Australia, traveling since July 2nd.  Upon return, Urial will attend South Western college Coos Bay Oregon on a Track & Field Scholarship in the fall 2017.

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In Memory of Orletta (Lettie) Jean Shelton September 25, 1934 ~ July 15, 2017

Posted on 17 July 2017 by Howard Copelan

Our loving wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister and friend passed away July 15, 2017 in Cedar City, Utah from progressive supranuclear palsy. Orletta (Lettie) Jean Shelton was born on September 25, 1934 to Wilda Hyde and Ralph Rundle. Lettie married David Watson Shelton on June 16th, 1969 in Ely, NV. Together, they raised 7 children: 4 girls and 3 boys. She was our family’s angel on earth, always making us her top priority.

Lettie found joy in the small acts of kindness she provided for her husband and family. She always prepared delicious meals, and she knew how to work hard. In her spare time, she enjoyed going on trips with her husband in their fifth wheel, and sight-seeing on their four-wheeler.  She also loved music and dancing and found great happiness in listening to her grandchildren play the piano and sing, especially when they performed religious hymns. In her earlier years, it wasn’t uncommon for her to dance the jitterbug with her grandchildren. Other activities Lettie enjoyed included shopping for others, collecting porcelain shoes, and spending time with her friends. It was important to her to always look her best; with hair and lipstick intact. She was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and loved going to church. She was adored by all who knew her.

Lettie is survived by her husband David Shelton, and her children, Byron Hobbs, Brett Shelton, Lane Shelton, Robin Farnsworth, Cindy White and Kelly Stratton. She also leaves behind 23 grandchildren, 60 great-grandchildren, and one brother, Elwin Rundle.

She was preceded in death by her parents: Wilda Duval and Ralph Rundle, her siblings: Deon Rundle, Kenny Rundle, and Dick Duval, her daughter: Vicky Gentry, and her grandchildren: Greyson Haro, Ashton Hobbs and B.J. Hobbs.

Funeral services will be held on Thursday, July 20, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. at the LDS chapel located at 269 2nd St., Wendover, UT 84083. A viewing will be held from 11:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. prior to the funeral service.

Condolences may be sent to the family at <> to be printed in The High Desert Advocate Newspaper.

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