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New Grease Monkey Grand Opening

Posted on 28 September 2017 by Howard Copelan

L to R: Raised in Wendover, Robert and Mike Spillman, here at their new business Grease Monkey and Monkey Shine before the grand Opening this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. (photo credit High Desert Advocate)

    The Spillman family is a Wendover family for more than sixty one years. Mike, Robert and Richard, the three brothers invested in the new “Grease Monkey” business are only three out of four brothers, and out of eleven children, with seven sisters, four still leaving in Wendover. Their parents arrived in Wendover in 1956, moving from Nebraska. The father worked at the potash plant and the mother besides raising with her husband eleven children, from which eight were born here in Wendover, also worked at the post office, and at the port of entry. All four brothers when younger, worked with Ray Crawford at his garage, and remember him foundly.

    The three brothers decided to go into business about three years ago, said Mike. They bought the land a little over a year ago, from the old police station site, and cleared the concrete this past January 2017. They started construction with “Ascent” company, with the ground breaking this past March. The new business who opened a short month ago on August 28th, and they now are having they grand opening these three coming days of Thursday, Friday and Saturday with specials.  

    Mike and Robert said that they are planning on opening other businesses in the rest of the lot that they own, in the future, but didn’t tell which kind yet.

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