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Elko Bomb Threat Suspect From Spring Creek

Posted on 10 October 2017 by Howard Copelan


Casey Overacker, 34 year old from Spring Creek, arrested for Elko bomb threat.

Police arrested a Spring Creek man they believe carried out the most recent telephone bomb threat that forced evacuation of the Elko County Courthouse. Sheriff Jim Pitts said 34-year-old Casey Overacker was taken into custody this week after an investigation that included use of new technology. Overacker is being held on just over 20-thousand-dollars bail at the Elko County Jail.

Bail set at $22,412.


Elko County Sheriff Jim Pitts

Elko County Sheriff Jim Pitts says that if Overacker get convicted, he, the sheriff, hope he can go in front of the judge and  submit the cost that this incident entailed for Overacker to pay on top of the bail: all the lost time for all the county courthouse employees, the cost of all the manpower from the Elko County Sheriff department and the Elko County Fire department, as this was a very costly crime for the county.

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