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Spillman Brothers New Construction Site

Posted on 28 November 2017 by Howard Copelan

The new site under construction near the Grease Monkey in Wendover (photo credit High Desert Advocate).

By Linda Claiborne

Mayor & Business Owner Mike Crawford, Councilwoman & Business Owner Jasie Hill Holm , business owners & community leaders Frank Sharp,Dulce Maria Gnzlz, Tracy Reed, Joe Shaul, Rose Hansen, Brenda Coleman Claiborne, Rob Claiborne, Lynn Myrick, Kat Moore and Anne Peterson attended the Business Connect last Wednesday. It was a great turnout. Brenad Claiborne said: “A BIG thanks to Mike and Robert Spillman and Jerry Peterson with the Grease Monkey for their generous hospitality. Robert shared with those in attendance the progress of the new retail development that BOMARC is building next to the Grease Monkey.” We did talked to Robert and he said they were going to have “A Dollar Store”, a Dry Cleaner and a Shipping Store. Brenda added:“Robert encouraged the group to share any other ideas they may have for other businesses that may occupy some of the remaining spaces”. Brenda Claiborne spoke briefly about the residential development that Bomarc is pursuing. New homes, both single family as well as multi-family are coming to our area as early as late spring/early summer of 2018 and we couldn’t be more excited. The builder/developer will be Wendover based, moving his family from the Salt Lake Area.” Robert shared that one of their goals is to work with individuals and companies in our area first. They want to see people investing in the community and will set the tone that our area is a great place to invest in. Mike Spillman went on to give an informative tour of the Grease Monkey.

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  1. Thom Says:

    Enjoy our getaways to West Wendover. We have always wondered why there is basically no shopping in town. Sounds like this is a good first step. How about a destination store on the interstate like a Bass Pro, Outlet Mall, or be creative.

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