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Breaking News: Heroin Arrest At Smith’s parking Lot And Possible Burglary

Posted on 17 January 2018 by Howard Copelan

West Wendover Police officer interrogating the suspect, Michael Wallace, from Tooele Utah, in the Wendover Smith’s store parking lot, last Thursday.(photo credit the High Desert Advocate)

West Wendover Police officer handcuffing a suspect in the Smith’s store, last Thursday, later released.(photo credit the High Desert Advocate)

Last Thursday, January 11, 2018 West Wendover officers investigated a burglary of a construction equipment trailer from the 800 block of Florence Way. The officers were able to get a description of the suspect vehicle through surveillance video examination. Lt. Don Lininger said that later that day the officers found the same vehicle at the Smiths’ Supermarket parking lot. The officers contacted the owner of the vehicle and through questioning, they  identified the suspect as Michael Wallace. While being interviewed, a K9 unit conducted an open-air search of the vehicle. The West Wendover K9 alerted the two officers of the presence of narcotics within the vehicle and through their search they located a small amount of heroin and needles in the specific vehicle. An other person of interest to the police was put in handcuffs inside the store, but was later released for being only a passenger, and for lack of evidence of his involvement. Wallace was arrested on the drug charges. The investigation into the burglary is still ongoing.

Michael Wallace, from Tooele Utah, Felony arrested in the Wendover Smith’s store parking lot, last Thursday. Bail at $6,480.(photo credit Elko Sheriff’s Office)

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