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Eve of Destruction

Posted on 27 August 2015 by Howard Copelan

Howard Copelan, Publisher

Howard Copelan, Publisher

Thanks to the miracle of youtube old guys like us have access to old music and old musicians without have to lug around a million pounds of vinyl albums.

Just this week we found Barry McGuire’s Eve of Destruction. It was released back in 1965 so it was kind of old when we heard it for the first time or at least it was older the first time we could understand.

It sounded pretty cool at the time, year it had been a couple of years but it still seemed like we were all on the eve of the destruction.

We were just too young to remember that the end of the world has been predicted almost from the beginning of civilization.

Sometimes we have come close but always we have muddled through surviving perhaps because there really wasn’t another option.

Our son asked us what was it like when the Berlin Wall fell?

We recounted our memories of that night when to our amazement Germans were sitting on the Wall without getting shot. It was amazing but it was not the end or even the beginning but just a continuation of this human story.

This deal with Iran is not going to be the end of the world either. In deed little depends on whether or not it is approved or not. We will muddle through right through to a World War and we will muddle through that too.

And while Obama and Kerry pat themselves on the back for a job well done the horror they have midwifed is squalling.

Slouching toward Jerusalem waiting to be born.

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Garrett Jon Parker February 1, 1991-July 22, 2015

Posted on 27 August 2015 by Howard Copelan

obitphotoGarrett Jon Parker 24, passed away July 22, 2015 in Grand Junction, Colorado.

He is survived by his mother Raquel Parker, Stepfather James Hansen, his three sisters Jamee-Lei Hansen, Kortney Hansen, Brittany Richardson, two nieces, grandmother Angelica Parker, Aunt Michele Richards, uncle Howard Parker and numerous family members and friends.

He was preceded in death by his grandfather Leonard Jon Parker.

If you would like to send a card to the family, please send it to:

Raquel Parker, 537  32 1/2 Road, Clifton, CO 81520

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Jew Hating & Baby Killing

Posted on 21 August 2015 by Howard Copelan

We ran into a bit of Jew hating this week. We prefer that term rather than antisemitism, we prefer honesty. Anyway it wasn’t much of a run-in more like a very small speed bump. As a matter of fact it was a pretty funny joke. Even got a giggle from us. But we can find something as funny and still see the pent up hostility behind the joke. The really funny thing about this particular Jew hater was that just a month or so ago he was bemoaning a supposed ‘racist’ attack on his wife.

He is a silly man, with a silly shape and a silly sense of importance that has no basis in reality. Tough titties.

Speaking of Jew hating we come to our luntztman Chuck Schumer who is now persona non grata at the White House for coming out against the Iran deal. All of a sudden Schumer who has served his party and his president so well for his entire adult life is being accused of have dual loyalties and suspicious associations. To make it simple for simple people Schumer wrote a very sober technical letter detailing his reasoning in opposing the Iran deal and the White House minions responded by calling Schumer a dirty Yid. Nice to know we live in such a wonderful country lead by such a wonderful president.

A new Planned Parent video is out and yes it is even worse than the one before it, which was worse than the one before it and so on and so on. We can be silent no more the true horror of those videos is the matter of fact demeanor of the PP medical staff.

We know that these women were not born as the cold blooded monsters joking abut aborted baby parts. We know they were devoted caring wonderful women who chose their profession to bring new life into this world. Abortions were just a necessary evil for those women who needed them. Necessary or not evil is evil. If there is an argument on whether abortion is murder the proof that it is the effect it has on those witnessing it. The demeanor of those abortion nurses is most similar to people who are surrounded by death, human death everyday. The gallows humor reveals a truth about abortion that cannot be denied.

They are babies and it is murder.

Before the videos came out we could pretend the business of slicing and dicing humanity was not really happening or if it was the act was done carefully with respect and with just a little bit of sadness because a dead child even if it is not wanted or not able to live outside her mother’s womb is a sad thing.

Yes abortion is an easy answer to what can be a difficult dilemma. But is easy what we are really striving for? Should not some things be hard because we are human?

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Something Smells In Ely

Posted on 13 August 2015 by Howard Copelan

Howard Copelan, Publisher

Howard Copelan, Publisher

Calling someone let alone a whole sheriff’s department racist is a bit over the line.

At least we thought so and we still won’t believe it until we are satisfied.

Still the case of Stuart Cole does raise a lot of questions.

Why in hell did it take so long to charge Cole in the first place.

It was a crime committed a little after 8 pm Wednesday rather gruesomely and rather publicly. The body of Lavance A. Stewart was some how pushed out of a moving vehicle right in front of the VFW building on November 8, 2012.

We presume that most of the evidence taken at the crime scene had been collected and analyzed within say two weeks.

So why wait two years?

Even Inspector Clouseau could close a case within a year.

And just what was Stuart Cole doing in those two years?

He went to work, held down a job and paid his taxes.

In short he was, by all accounts a fine upstanding citizen.

Something is fishy and we hope against hope that there is a reasonable explanation.

We hope there is one and we hope it is true.

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Chris ‘Alvy’Alvord 1965-2015

Posted on 06 August 2015 by Howard Copelan



Christopher Todd Alvord, also known as “Alvy” passed away peacefully in his sleep August 3, 2015 of natural causes.

Chris was born in Ogden, Ut on May 25, 1965 to Pam and Dee Alvord.  He attended school in Ogden and graduated from Bonneville High School in 1983, he also graduated from Weber State College.  Chris served a Spanish-speaking mission in Los Angeles, CA for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

In his lifetime Chris lived in Utah, Maryland and for more than the past 10 years he has been living in Wendover, Nevada.  He loved the beauty of the desert and could always be found exploring the surrounding area on one of his motorcycles.  He loved the outdoors.  He was a history buff, any time he was on vacation he would go out of his way to find local history museums to learn more that the average person would.  He loved making friends with locals wherever he went.

Chris was a computer wizard, long after he left a job selling them he continued to fix and build them.

At the time of his death Chris was working at the Toana Vista Golf Course.  He had a knack for making a living by doing what he loved with the people he loved.  Chris is survived by his wife Sherri, children Stefini, Rikki and Jaison; the light of his life, his granddaughter Sammie; parents Pam and Dee Alvord; brother Brook (Tanya) Alvord; nieces, nephews, cousins and many many friends.

He was preceded in death by his sister Amy Alvord, grandparents and nephew Jack Alvord.

The family would like to especially thank all Chris’ friends in Wendover for all they have done.  In lieu of flowers feel free to make a donation to Toana Vista Golf Club beautification fund.  The next time you’re on a golf course think of Alvy by picking up a piece of trash, fill in a divet or fix a ball mark.

A graveside service will be held Tuesday, August 11, 2015 at 11a.m.  at the Wendover Cemetery.

Please share your favorite memory of Chris on his facebook page.

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Seth Glenn 1993-2015

Posted on 30 July 2015 by Howard Copelan

obit1Seth Bryant Glenn, age 22, 

was taken from us on July 25, 2015 in a work related accident.

Seth was born on June 24, 1993 in Murray, Utah to Robert Glenn and Kelly Kelsey.

Seth Graduated from West Wendover High School in 2012.  In school, Seth played football, wrestled and met the love of his life, Courtney Garrison.  

After graduation Seth went to work with his dad and brother of exploration drill rigs.  He had a job he truly loved and was proud to be a part of the drilling industry.  During his time on the rigs Seth grew as an individual and learned to overcome fears and challenges.  Seth never said no or backed down from 

anything, he took everything head on.

On march 18, 2013 Seth and Courtney welcomed into this world their sonRobert Maximilian Glenn.  With that Seth’s world was complete.  Seth’s world now revolved around Courtney and Little Bobby.

Seth with brother Cash

Seth with brother Cash

Seth is survived by his father Robert Glenn, his mother Kelly Kelsey, Fiancé Courtney Garrison and son Robert (Bobby) M. Glenn, Brothers Cash Robert Glenn and Andrew Raymond Simpson, Sister Tiana Joan Kelsey, Daughter Abigail Soto, Grandmothers Sandra Kelsey and Maria Borders, and many Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.

Seth was preceded in death by his Grandfathers Robert Kelsey and James Borders.

Services will be held at the First Presbyterian Church in Elko, Nevada on Friday, July 31, 2015 at 11:00 am.

Following the service there will be a celebration of his life at the Powerhouse Campground in Lamoille Canyon.

I love you son and I am so proud of you.

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Death Close To Home & Far Away

Posted on 30 July 2015 by Howard Copelan

Howard Copelan, Publisher

Howard Copelan, Publisher

This was a bad week for us.

It is always sad to write of the death of a young man or woman.

But this was harder because we knew this boy.

Seth was a friend of our son Arieh. They were sometimes on the same teams and his mother and grandmother were friends of ours.

We exchanged greeting at football games saw them in the halls of school.

We featured them in stories when they took on the School District and cheered when they won.

And no the boy we watched grow up to be a fine man is dead.

There should be another word for accident.

Somehow it simply doesn’t convey the sadness we feel at the loss of this young man.

Today we heard the news that child killer and child rapist Samir Kutnar was killed.

He crushed a four year old Israeli girl’s head in 1979. Freed in a prisoner swap he was supplied with young Arab boys to molest by Hezbollah as he planned terror attacks mostly on Syrians for the past three years.

Now he is dead, justice is served.

Of course the beast Kutnar’s death has been over shadowed by the killing of Cecil the Lion.

In fact just about everything has been over shadowed by the killing of Cecil the Lion.

Never mind the police killing of unarmed citizens, or the debate on the Iran nuke deal or the Greek bail out or the fact that Pluto has some new photos.

Everyone wants a piece of that idiot dentist who shot Cecil with a bow.

We agree it was not cool but he paid over 50 grand for the hunt. That dough got spread around quite a bit in Zimbabwe and there were some full human bellies in southern Africa because of the dental moron.

Is it wrong to kill wild animals?

Not really as long as it isn’t to extinction.

Yeah it probably makes a lot of useful idiots feel good about themselves calling for the head of another doofus but that is about it.

And while the world is getting the vapors over poor Cecil and the poorer dentist who killed him, the happiest people must be the folks of Planned Parenthood who don’t have to talk about selling baby human parts.

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Speed Week Canceled Don’t Panic

Posted on 23 July 2015 by Howard Copelan

Howard Copelan, Publisher

Howard Copelan, Publisher

We wrote about the demise of the Bonneville Salt Flats some 25 years ago. That was after Speed Week was canceled or cut short for the fourth year in a row.

We had the scientists and the racers all swear on a stack of whatever they swore on that racing on Bonneville was a thing of the past.

Funny how quickly we forget.

The sun came out and stayed out and we had 25 years of great race weather.

The last two years have been wet and like a quarter of a century ago people are predicting that the Salt Flats will die.

Eventually they will be right.

In two hundred or 500 years the Bonneville Salt Flats will cease to be. We won’t be around to see it but the flats like everything else are temporary. Until then however there will be races. 20 or 25 years of great races and punctuated by two, three or four years of wet weather.

We also guarantee that during those wet years scientists are going to be screaming global warming or coming ice age or climate change. We like the phrase climate change the best because it means absolutely nothing.

Our daughter was very annoyed with us when we scoffed at the idea. We couldn’t see the facts of climate change right before our eyes. We did see those facts we just didn’t get excited about them.

There is something to get excited about. It is getting very little press but we have heard that the Sahara and the Arabian Desert are getting greener with every passing year. Seems that there could be an upside to global warming and the melting icecaps quench a thirsty desert.

The warmer it gets the wetter it gets and while some new wetness could mean rising sea levels what if it means more abundant rainfall?

We just read another disaster prediction about global warming. It looked pretty bad but the only thing that has already happened and can be seen via satellite is the greening of the deserts.

Yes the future sounded otherwise awful but what if the worse case scenario does not come to pass?

Who would disdain a little more green?

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Rational Fears

Posted on 16 July 2015 by Howard Copelan

Howard Copelan, Publisher

Howard Copelan, Publisher

President Obama believes that despite their hatred for the West, Jews and Christians, the Iranians are a rational people who will understand that their best interests are in not starting a nuclear war.

Thing is, rational is a very subjective measure to a man.

History, and even the present, is full of examples that reason and rational vary from place to place and from time to time.

In the 1980’s serial killers were considered a western phenomena by Soviet sociologists and so dozens of Soviet serial killers got away with killing thousands of children. In the 1950’s Chairman Mao ordered all Chinese to surrender their steel and iron tools to help in the Great Leap forward. Millions starved. After the first bomb obliterated Hiroshima, it took a week and another bomb on Nagasaki, to get the Japanese to give up. Most infamously the murder machines of the death camps in Nazi Germany continued to work while the Red Army was marching on Berlin.

None of those policies made any sense from a rational point of view or at least from a rational American point of view.

Each and everyone of them made some kind of sense if one was a Communist, Fascist or Nazi. People like their world views, they like their world views so much that they will pretty much do anything to keep those views, even if it means suffering to keep them.

Kind of explains why the Iranians endured 20 years of economic sanctions when it just made simple sense to stop waging war against America and the West.

And now peace has broken out or so it is being touted.

Thing is, we don’t see the Iranians becoming rational Americans in their thinking.

They are still Persians. Arab hating, Sunni loathing, Shiite Persians who believe either in the coming of the Shiite Messiah, the Mahdi, in the very near future, or in the inherent superiority of Persian culture over any other culture in the world.

For Americans to believe that we can somehow convert the Iranians to stop waging war because it makes our kind of sense is about the most irrational belief we have presented.

The Persians are sharpening their knives and building their bomb because it makes sense to them.

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Donald Burnum Memorial

Posted on 14 July 2015 by Howard Copelan

WWPD Detective Donald Burnham

WWPD Detective Donald Burnham


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