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Qualified for prez but can’t sell booze

Posted on 20 March 2015 by Howard Copelan

Howard Copelan, Publisher

Howard Copelan, Publisher

We were dismayed at the West Wendover City Council refusal to give local entrepreneur Jeff Dunham his liquor license for a more than decade old crime of posse-sing marijuana and DUI.

Okay the crimes weren’t so smart to commit but one wont be illegal very soon and the other is also forgiven.

Heck having either one on his record still would not preclude Mr. Dunham or anyone else from becoming president of the United States.

Just ask Bill Clinton, Bush the Younger and Barry Obama about their youthful indiscretions.

Maybe selling beer in Wendover is a matter of national security.

The line has to be drawn somewhere by someone good thing our council is looking out for us and keeping that kind of riff raff from opening businesses and making a living.

Speaking of our erstwhile president seems as though the nation of Israel poke him in the eye again.

Gee what’s the matter they don’t trust him?

Yeah they don’t.

Barry makes a good speech but no barbarian ever was dissuaded from committing mass murder by pretty words.

The carnage that is going on in the middle east today and for the last six years is directly the result first of Obama’s inability to comprehend that there are good guys and bad guys in this fight.

And secondly America’s destiny is not to play referee but to champion the good over the evil.

There is no need for spin. No need for explanation or new definition and terms.

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Told You So/ Death Row Heart Throb Dies Forgotten

Posted on 13 March 2015 by Howard Copelan

Howard Copelan, Publisher

Howard Copelan, Publisher

As our confidential source predicted the only news coming out of the forensic audit of the Ely RR is simply no news.

Yes there is room for improvement in the rail roads bookkeeping but for a mostly volunteer group functioning from hand to mouth and grant to grant they are doing pretty good.

We know the Ely City Council got their panties in a bunch but now it seems everyone is ready to make nice once again.

And it is good that they do.

The historic rail road is too great an asset to eastern Nevada to be destroyed by jealousy, greed and incompetence.

One thing is the Ely City Election will be very interesting to watch. The voters of Ely will decide if this two year war against the railroad was in the end worth it to raise or justified to continue.

We hate to admit this but we interviewed Edward Bennett back in the days when he was a heart throb to all the death penalty groupies out there.

Yes there are such things as death penalty groupies. It seems that a man sentenced to die has a certain je ne sais quoi about him that makes some women go giggly.

Edward Bennett had such fans.

He got older and they began to leave but still a loyal core remained and then.

And then he won his appeal and then he won his hearing.

But then he wasn’t special anymore.

No longer stoically facing an execution Bennett became your average lifer. They are a dime a dozen in ESP.

And now he is dead.

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Bibi vs. Barry: Who is telling the Truth

Posted on 06 March 2015 by Howard Copelan

Howard Copelan, Publisher

Howard Copelan, Publisher

Barrack Obama made it clear that was not going to be happy with Bibi Netanyahu over his speech to Express this week.

An unhappy Obama is not a nice person and he has the power to make Netanyahu pretty unhappy too.

So why did Bibi do it?

Was it ego?

Did defying the president cause a thrill to run up his leg?

We doubt it.

It might be kind of cool to thumb your nose to the leader of the free world but Bibi knew that he and his country would have to pay for it.

The price for embarrassing Obama we heard was large and often disproportionate to the original offense.

It is not that Bibi needed to prove his manhood either.

The guy was in Sayeret Matkal for goodness sakes

They are the elite of the elite of the commandos in the Israeli Army.

When he was a teenager Bibi was jumping out of airplanes behind enemy lines and fighting his way back home, not once but at least half a dozen times a year for four years.

Bibi made his bones on the battlefield and then again on the only slightly less dangerous minefield of Israeli politics when Barack Obama was still organizing communities.

So why would Bibi go a couple of thousand miles out of his way just to stick a finger in the eye of the president of the United States?

It could be the upcoming election.

Bibi is not above grandstanding but then again with all the hell that Obama is going to make him and Israel pay even if his speech wins him another term as prime minister it might not be worth it.

So why Bibi?

Why did he do it?

This might sound crazy but maybe there really isn’t a hidden agenda.

Maybe Mr. Netanyahu went to Washington precisely why he said he was.

The nuke deal being worked on by Barack Obama and John Kerry is so bad that it is existential threat not only to Israel but to every other territory in the Middle East and perhaps to the world.

There is no probable way Obama will admit he is wrong. He is just not built that way.

Could it not be possible that Netanyahu went to warn Congress and the American people that if this deal went through that the current blood bath now being waged from Syria to Yemen will be like a day in the park compared to post Iranian Nuclear Age.

Perhaps Obama is wrong.

So far the price Obama has paid in being wrong has been pretty cheap at least for him.

Wrong in Iraq just meant dead Iraqis. Being wrong in Syria meant dead Syrians. Wrong in Libya, dead Libyans and just a few dead Americans. Wrong in the Ukraine has just meant dead eastern Europeans.

Perhaps being wrong about Iran will be just as cheap to Obama.

We think however the price will be huge.

John Kerry asked to be given the benefit of the doubt yesterday regarding Iran.


If given a choice we would stick with Bibi because unlike Obama and company Bibi cannot afford to lose.

We do not believe that things will remain just hunky dory for America in a post nuaclear Iran world.

Even if we win a nuclear war we still lose.

Kind of a hard concept to wrap our head around but it could actually get really bad here.

There will be no satifaction in saying Bibi told us so either.

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Welcome BBQ

Posted on 20 February 2015 by Howard Copelan

Howard Copelan, Publisher

Howard Copelan, Publisher

Welcome to Jeff Dunham and Wendover’s first ever BBQ.

We understand that true BBQ is a combination of an art form and way of life.

Mr. Dunham appears to be a true believer.

Just listening talk about his food makes us hungry.

And we wish him great success in this endeavor.

Speaking of food our youngest son made himself what we used to know as a Harry sandwich. Former local Chinese restaurateur George Yan created for our father who passed away some 17 years ago.

Our youngest is but 14 and in addition to never meeting his grandfather we never fed him the sandwich.

Yet there he was munching on an amalgam of food stuffs between two pieces of bread that his grandfather would have been proud of.

Somehow in the billions of genetic codes of the DNA and RNA matches there appears to be a gene to like lots of different food all at once in bread.

Go figure.

Finally an autism group has come in favor of vaccinations. Thank you but we fear it is too late.

Because of some very sloppy science 20 years ago there are thousands of little ticking time bombs running around.

This wasn’t suppose to happen.

Disease was something to be annihilated, made extinct.

Yet because of some self righteous morons all that pestilence that we vanquished has returned to create more misery and death.

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Reporting Is Our Business

Posted on 13 February 2015 by Howard Copelan

Howard Copelan, Publisher

Howard Copelan, Publisher

We enjoy being proved right.

Take last week for instance.

We ran a story that the forensic audit had found no criminal wrong doing on the part of the Ely Rail Road NNYR.

Some had a conniption fits.

Kind of reminded us of a room full of pissed off chimps.

  Some partisans even leaked to the press some four year old information that something might be suspicious somewhere about the Rail Road.

We could care less. It was four years ago after all.

We do know that if there was something terrible in the forensic audit someone would have said something to someone else and before Bob is your uncle everyone would have known.

That is just how it works in any community of human beings.

Funny thing about that four year old suspicion about something going amiss.

It has to do with timing.

Four years ago City Councilman Steve Marich plead guilty to embezzling from the bank he worked for.

Funny thing even though word got out real quick no one in the Ely media touched it.

We touched it.

We even groped it and for three solid weeks while others sat on their hands we reported it.

Evidently some reporters and bloggers believed that if the sheriff doesn’t give the okay they shouldn’t report NEWS.

The word moron does come to mind.

We will continue to report the news and we will continue to scoop everyone else because we are better than them.

So sit back fellas and follow our lead.

So now we have another gold mine going in eastern Nevada that by the way intersects with a wagon train trail pony express route– maybe.

Our friend Foster Wilson must be just about half way to crazy now.

What with gold mining going on in the Pequops too the BLM seems to love gold mines tearing up the ancient 150 year old ruts of some white dude.

At the same time the BLM seems not to like Foster too much.

Maybe is has to do with the mineral he wants to mine 30 miles north of Wendover–potash.

Sure it isn’t as sexy as gold.

Can’t make a ring out of potash and it isn’t a part of the world economy.

Still Foster would like to make some money at it and provide jobs to Wendover as well.

But the BLM in Utah is a tad different from the BLM in Nevada.

They have to take stupid pills in the Salt Lake office.

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Posted on 06 February 2015 by Howard Copelan

Howard Copelan, Publisher

Howard Copelan, Publisher

Every once in a while we need to vent.

This is that once in a while.

We are publishing WWHS honor roll this week as we try to do every time they issue it,

Next week we will do Wells and hopefully Wendover, Utah.

As long as they are sent to us.

Ask any group of small town newspapermen what is the most annoying part of this job and nine times out of ten they will answer getting some information from a school.

While most teachers and almost all principals are eager to strut their stuff to the general public there are a few who make getting news, good news, about their students about as difficult as getting troop movements of the Red Army during the Cold War.

Usually we don’t mind the extra work but since we had open heart surgery our doctor has told us to calm down.

So here is the new deal we will publish everything we get about your schools just like we have done for over 30 years. But teachers, coaches, or team managers will get one phone call from us.

If they don’t respond they will get as our Spanish teacher taught us 40 years ago — Nada.

The differences between the BLM of Utah and that of Nevada on what is essentially the same trail of 150 year old wagon ruts is bizarre. Why would the very same federal agency with presumably the same mission render two decisions on two mines that are 180 degrees opposed to each other?

The Long Canyon Mine was approved by the BLM with a slap on the back and a how soon can you start?

The potash mine less than 30 miles to the east was nixed on the grounds those ruts were the equivalent of the archaeological finds of Machu Pichu, Masada or even Gettysburg,

Well they aren’t and only a moron would even mention those ruts with history real history in the same breadth.

Those who wish to preserve those ruts in all their lack of glory would be pathetic if they weren’t so dangerous.

The fact that the much ballyhooed forensic audit of the Ely Rail Road is probably going to come with nothing is something predicted to us a while back.

We very much doubt that the conclusions will have any effect on those who want to destroy or shut the rail road down.

Those guys have a vendetta to do and nothing like a little thing like facts are going to dissuade them from their holy mission.

Even their puppy Wyatt Cox is now shrilly calling for the Rail Roads divestment.


Because it is one of the few publicly owned concerns that is actually turning a profit?

Or is it something simpler.

Good old fashioned envy.

Our old friend envy known since ore-biblical times seems to have besotted the Ely City Council so completely that no one has asked what do you do after the Rail Road is destroyed?

What is the satisfaction in wrecking a going concern and replacing it with nothing?

Oh there might be some celebration for some horrible reason like just desserts for the good ol’ boys.

But what about the morning after?

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Goodbye Brenda

Posted on 30 January 2015 by Howard Copelan

Howard Copelan, Publisher

Howard Copelan, Publisher

One of the perks of this job was getting a letter to the editor from Brenda Draper.

They often were critical but not overly so and they were all sprinkled with a healthy dose of Brenda’s unique sense of humor.

They were a pleasure to read and we felt honored that she not only took the time to read our paper but also to write a well reasoned and very logical response.

They were never too short or too long.

As a newspaper man Brenda knew the value of space and just how much to the pica width she could use.

We could usually count on to or three letters a year but lately they stopped coming.

We had heard Brenda was not well and we had meant to send her a card but we got busy our selves and now it is too late to do anything but miss her.

And miss her we will.

She was as we say in Hebrew an eshet chayalet— a woman of valor.

She was completely loyal to her family and to her home town and woe to those who threatened either.

That kind of devotion is rare and wonderful to behold.

If our children are the final measure of our worth then Brenda’s measure is truly great.

We will miss you Brenda.

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But Nothing Happens in Beziers

Posted on 23 January 2015 by Howard Copelan

Howard Copelan, Publisher

Howard Copelan, Publisher

There is a large town or small city in the south of France called Beziers.

Pronounced BeZEE AY and not Bezeers.

It is a town we know well and love quite a bit.

It is the home town of our wife and every ten years or so we made pilgrimage to it.

It is a place where nothing much happens— Ever!!

It is the reason why our father-in-law chose it over the much more happening Paris, Nice or Marseilles when he was looking to relocate from Algiers,

Nothing happens in Beziers!! For a veteran of World War II who found his family in the middle of an Arab revolt that phrase was less of a curse than an invitation.

We first met Beziers during our war. We got special leave during a fire fight outside of Beirut and five hours later we with our wife landed in Beziers.

And for three glorious weeks nothing happened.

It was not just us or just then.

Nothing was happening in Beziers since the 12th century.

That was when the southern French wanted a little bit more autonomy from the king in Paris.

The king did not approve and sent his favorite mass murderer Simon de Montfort to reason with the folk in Beziers.

De Montfort killed every one in town,

Every one died even those who loved the king.

After a while Beziers was repopulated by folk from the country side.

But since the great Bone Fire the new townsfolk made sure that nothing would ever happen again in Beziers.

For the most part they succeeded beyond anyone’s expectation.

The placid burghers of Beziers barely noticed the French revolution and the revolution paid no attention to Beziers.

Napoleon visited once to inaugurate a new fountain and then left because nothing ever happens in Beziers.

The trench warfare of World War I was far away and never intruded on the bucolic life of Beziers,

When France fell in World War II and Vichy took over, Beziers was ignored.

The leader of the French resistance Jean Moulin was a son of Beziers but went off to fight the Nazis in Paris because nothing was happening in Beziers.

After the war Beziers named a school after him but the kind of had to.

Beziers is known for the song “Some Where Beyond the Sea” that was written by the Beziers native Charles Trenet at the Beziers train station board out of his mind with three hours to kill.

The other thing Beziers is known for is it was the first choice for Euro Disney but the town fathers turned down Mickey Mouse and sent him and his friends and their dollars to Paris,So nothing still happens to Beziers.

Until this week when six Chechen Islamist terrorists were captured in their Beziers apartment plotting blowing up something.

Suddenly everything has changed.

Wonderful boring Beziers has French Legionaries patrolling the streets.

The are camped outside the synagogue our father-in-law founded. Our family still there are worried more than they have ever been.

Something is happening in Beziers.

And it is evil.

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Julia Faye Shoup Passes At 58

Posted on 23 January 2015 by Howard Copelan


Someday I’ll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me.  Where troubles melt like lemon drops, away above the chimney tops, that’s where you’ll find me…..

JULIA FAYE PELTIER SHOUP, 58, received a call from her soul-mate, Bob, telling her it was time to come home, and home is now where she finds herself reunited with many friends and family that she missed so dearly, including her father Bob, mother Nona, and baby brother Marty.  It’s a beautiful place where she will spend her time socializing, dancing, and of course singing those beautiful melodies with the love of her life, Bob Shoup.  Music and Love are guaranteed, food is delicious and there isn’t a pound to be gained.   She left detailed instructions for her family to celebrate her mission here, which has now been completed; minimal adherence to this instruction will not be tolerated.

Julia was born on January 9, 1957 and raised in Wells, Nevada spending most of her childhood on the Peltier Ranch in Clover Valley.  She graduated from Wells High School in 1975 and was active in high school rodeo.  Following high school Julie pursued a career in Nevada’s gaming industry working at several popular casinos throughout Nevada including the Stockmen’s and Red Lion in Elko, and the Peppermill in Wendover. Bob and Julie were married on February 2, 1986 and from that moment on she was his “Sweet Lady”. Julie never left Bob’s side; Bob passed away in May of 2012.

“Julie”,  as known by most, left several family members here on earth to look after each other including her two handsome brothers, Robert (Jeanie) Peltier, Jim Peltier, and three beautiful sisters, Diane (Larry) Humphrey, Sandy Watson, and Brooke Peltier.  She was also adored and will be missed dearly by her nieces and nephews, Richard (Kristen) Peltier, Payton Peltier, Shelby Peltier, Mark Ledezma, Pamela Williamson, Jeff Humphrey, Kelly Pitts, Rachael Cooper, Amanda Peltier, and Allison Peltier.

The family is planning an early May Celebration of Life in honor of both Julie and Bob at the Peltier Ranch in Clover Valley, Nevada.  Details will follow at a later date. 

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These Are The Days

Posted on 16 January 2015 by Howard Copelan

Howard Copelan, Publisher

Howard Copelan, Publisher

Soon construction equipment will begin rolling east and rolling west as Newmont begins to mine a mountain of gold in the Pequops range.

We are excited about as any resident of northeast Nevada should be.

The jobs and the economic growth this mine will create has the potential to transform this corner of Nevada from the fly over part of the Silver State to a destination.

Of course we do not expect the mine to solve all of our problems in fact it may even create some new ones.

On the other hand we have seen growth and stagnation.

We prefer growth.

Like the Carlin Trend, Long Canyon may just be the first of many mines in this part of the state.

Now that would be something indeed.

Our son asked why is there such a fuss about Charlie Hebdo massacre when other equally vile Islamist attacks have gone almost unnoticed.

We have a very perceptive son and it was a question we found hard to answer.

Charlie Hebdo was a big deal because  journalists were killed and journalists covered the story. We are a narcissistic bunch and often time we think the world revolves around us.

It is also a big deal because we are getting to point where each and every one of us must answer this question: Whose side are you on?

We have little option ourselves.

There is only one side for us.

But the mullahs and the imams and the sheiks and the caliphs are counting on the West to buckle, to give up, to fly the white flag to, as the would Islam means to submit.

We really hope the western world stays strong to counter this assault on our freedom to write, speak and think.

We hope that some of the displays in surrendering those freedoms are simply very naive attempts at getting along.

Thankfully it matters not what we say but what Islamist say that really counts.

How many times do they have to say they want to kill us before we take them seriously?

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