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Mayor Kills Gas Company Bailout

Posted on 17 October 2012 by Howard Copelan

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  1. Watching our Tax Dollars Says:

    Good for Mayor Andersen. If you watch this meeting he has done his homework. I feel for Mrs. Green but she has done this to herself. Bottom line is City Government should not be in trying to buy Private companies. Councilman Goram needs to quit listening to our city manager and research the possibility of another company coming in and taking over. Council woman Carter makes a good statement concerning the safety of the residents going without propane while the new company sets tanks. Maybe our money would be better spent buying those 400 residents space heaters at $40.00 a piece. At least they would have some source of heat during the transition. That only equals $16,000 less then the $18,000 needed for a feasability study and far less then the 2 million she wants for her company. Residents get out and vote next month. Please try and put people in place that are looking out for the people not people who just go with the flow or city manager whichever you want to call it. If you vote in the same council members look for everyones taxes to go up

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