Schools Face Closure West Wendover Implements Emergency Plan In Face Of Propane Shortage

Posted on 16 January 2013 by Howard Copelan


The West Wendover City Council approved an emergency purchase of propane in yesterday’s meeting while local schools and residents have been asked to turn down the thermostat as record lows are blamed for a propane shortage through the country.

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According to Wendover Gas owner Nancy Green the shortage also caused classes at Wendover, Utah High School to be closed last week.

“They aren’t my customers,” Green said. “But I heard they ran out of gas and had to close last week.”

On Jan. 15, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval also declared a state of emergency as a “precautionary measure” to allow more propane deliveries in the state, the Associated Press reported. Record low temperatures below zero have gripped some parts of the state causing an acute supply problem.

Sandoval’s order temporarily waives the rules that typically allow only 14 consecutive hours of driving and require drivers to have at least 10 consecutive hours off duty before driving again. They also limit drivers to 60 hours driving over seven consecutive days and 70 hours over eight consecutive days.

Saturday  Arizona Governor Janice Brewer declared a state of emergency for her state  because of severe winter storm conditions this month and a related propane shortage.

According to the declaration Brewer issued, private-sector efforts to respond to the propane shortage have been stymied by hours of service regulations that limit the number of hours truckers who supply propane can work. As part of the declaration, Brewer has suspended those regulations for 15 days so any vehicle supplying propane in Arizona is not affected.

In addition, the Arizona-Republic reports that state law allows propane transportation only during daylight hours. The declaration is allowing for propane delivery in evening hours.


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