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Ely Rail Road Wars: Tempest In Smokestack, Or Financial Chicanery?

Posted on 31 January 2014 by Howard Copelan

Insets Marty Westland above, Joan and Mark Bassett below

Insets Marty Westland above, Joan and Mark Bassett below

The Northern Nevada Rail Road adopted much stricter oversight after an audit revealed that NNRR director Mark Bassett made questionable loans to the organization he works for.

Bassett was first called on the carpet by the Ely City Council after the yearly audit of the NNRR revealed the director had a $72,000 loan comprised of uncompensated business expenses to the railroad. Later it was revealed that Bassett had also signed for a $95,000 loan to the NNRR to purchase more equipment for the historic rail road.

wrecfraud“I know you must think I am crazy,” Bassett said in an interview with the High Desert Advocate. “But since I came here in 2002 my passion and my wife Joan’s passion has been keeping this rail road afloat and getting it in the best possible shape.”

The Bassetts came to Ely and the NNRR a dozen years ago after running their own business in Elko.

But while owners of small businesses often loan their enterprises money, that is simply not done for public non-profit corporations. In fact it could be construed as a major accounting violation. Coupled with the fact that Joan Bassett is also the rail road’s head bookkeeper the red flag in the audit was also accompanied by bells and whistles.

centranewThe audit came to the attention of the Ely City Council which called Bassett on the carpet last December and again in January seeking answers to the audit and broaching the idea that perhaps the City of Ely take over the books of the historic rail road.

Neither Bassett or any member of the NNRR management board were told in advance of the issue until it appeared on the agenda.

“It was pretty much a surprise to all of us,” said NNRR board member Roger Bowers. “You would have thought they would have had the common courtesy to give us an heads up.”

Apprehension was added on Bassett’s part by the presence of Marty Westland on the Ely City Council the same Marty Westland Bassett fired two years ago.

nuggetsuperJust before the January council meeting, Bassett responded by calling a meeting of all the NNRR employees and advised them that if the city council took over the organizations books it would spell the end of rail road and they could all be looking for jobs come February.

“I think you can say Mark over reacted,” Bowers said. “But there is a whole lot of bad blood between them. And further clouds the issues.”

In an interview with the Advocate Tuesday Westland openly questioned whether some of the expenditures listed in the $72,000 loan could be justified and should be paid back.

And the city councilman was not alone in his assessment.

“I seriously wondered at first if these were donations by Mark and Joan. I know they do a LOT for the railroad — successfully, with a lot of their own time and resources. When does a gift, of which they have been very generous, become a loan, if not documented?” wrote White Pine County Commissioner Mike Coster on the White Pine Politics facebook page. “If, over the course of 5 or 10 years, I bring in copier paper and coffee to the office, or take out of town visitors to lunch, but never ask my boss for repayment and just save the receipts, would that make for a loan to my company? As I understand it, there is no loan document, no promissory note, and no repayment schedule. What does the Railroad management board have to say about this and where were they over the years this debt was reportedly racked up? Mark and Joan should be protected and the right thing should be done in documenting the debt in the proper way. But, Mark says he and Joan don’t want to be paid back??? Or not yet??? What if they refuse to agree to a amortization/repayment schedule? This is confusing, an I am glad the City Council it working to get this cleared up for all to see.”

WEN01172014A04While no one is at least publicly defending the loans Bassett made to the NNRR, he is not without supporters primarily because he is a money making machine for the NNRR.

From grants, gifts and donations Bassett’s efforts annually raise around a million dollars a year to the NNRR between 80 to 90 percent of the non-profit’s budget. Under his direction the NNRR also hosts wildly popular special events such as the Polar Express Christmas Train Rides, photo shoots and “Be the Engineer” events where train enthusiasts pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars just to drive an old steam locomotive.

“Rail road people can be a little crazy,” Bowers said. “I know because I am one of them. What Mark has done in networking with other rail road enthusiasts and promoting the NNRR has been nothing short of phenomenal.”

In December alone Ely’s First National Bank offered a challenge grant up to $25,000 to those donating to the railroad.  The Challenge Grant lasted from the Dec. 1-31, 2013.

In just 30 days, the Nevada Northern Railway raised a lot more than just the $25,000 to be matched.  In fact, the railroad raised a whopping $92,479.70.  With the added $25,000 from First National Bank of Ely, the total came to $117,479.70.

abotionad“It was a very good Christmas, needless to say,” said  Bassett.  “We are so appreciative to the response by our local community, as well as our friends throughout the country.  We thank John Gianoli, the Gianoli family and First National Bank of Ely for stepping up to the plate and leading by example.  I am overwhelmed by the response of so many who gave to us during this time.  Not only that, but many of our members even increased their levels of membership, or added an additional donation, to double the power of their gift to the railroad.  The response was more than imagined and truly exponential.  Again, my hats off and deepest gratitude to all whom helped make this such a special holiday season for us.”

“Look no one is defending the loans,” Bowers said. “They simply were not smart to do. But we have tightened up policy and changed some procedures to keep the house in order. On the other hand if the NNRR was still bleeding money no one would care how much Mark may have lent it.”

But while the rail road board is attempting to right the financial ship the enmity between Bassett and Westland appears to have increased with both men sending out letters and internet missive damning each other.

Whether that will end soon is anyone’s guess.


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Montego Bay Security Saves Wife From Violent Husband

Posted on 31 January 2014 by Howard Copelan

Shawn Gurney

Shawn Gurney


A bruised and battered woman escaped from her Montego Hotel room Sunday night to turn her husband in for domestic violence reported the West Wendover Police Department.

“The fight began in the couple’s room,” said WWPD Chief Burdell Welsh. “She got out ran to security and security called us.”

During the investigation it was determined that Shawn Gurney, 48, of American Fork had struck his wife numerous times in the face causing visible injury and pulled hair from her head. After the investigation, Gurney was placed under arrest and transported to the Elko County Jail.

Total Bail for Shawn was $3000.00


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Present Perfect! Wolverines Now 10-0 In League

Posted on 31 January 2014 by Howard Copelan


There might be another state crown in store for  West Wendover Wolverines 18-4 overall and a perfect 10-0 in the league.

“We are not even thinking about the state tournament yet,” said Head Coach John Sharp. “We still have another month of games and while we are favored to win the league Agassi Prep in Las Vegas is playing very strong.”

This years WWHS team includes: Manny Flores, Stefan Eveleth, Kaydn Sharp, Angel Cerna, Adrian Flores, Kylar Sharp, Johnny Ruiz, Luis Correa, Salgato Jesus, Jimmy Rodriguez, Angel Correa.


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Could Rec. Board Fall To Soft Ball Players In Election?

Posted on 31 January 2014 by Howard Copelan


With their nemesis not running along with two other seats up for election a group of Wendover softball players are planning to put some excitement back into Wendover Recreation Board elections.

“We are definitely talking about running at lest one candidate,” said Luciano “Lucky” Munoz. “It is about time the Recreation District board listens to more than just golfers.”

wrecfraudThe current Recreation District Board earned the ire of some soft ball players last summer when the players started an ad hoc second season after league play ended.

The central issue according to both Munoz and to District Parks and Recreation Director Shawn Gregory was whether the new quasi league should pay for liability insurance for the new season.

According to Gregory the answer was Yes.

“I really don’t want to be the bad guy here,” Gregory said. “And I know these are good guys but in these times where anyone sues at the drop of a hat the Recreation District has to protect itself.”

“We already paid the insurance for this summer’s season,” said Munoz . “Besides these are just pick up games. There are no formal teams. The umpires when we have them aren’t paid. We are just a bunch of players who want to keep our skills up for next season.”

nuggetsuperEarly into the showdown it appeared the difference of opinion could land some one in jail. The district put up signs warning that the playing fields had to be reserved for all practices and that police would be called on trespassers.

However a confrontation was averted the next week by bad weather and the intervention of West Wendover Police Chief Burdell Welsh.

“We had a nice talk for about two hours,” Welsh said. “I explained to them about a civil disobedience arrest and what were its consequences. With the weather being so bad they didn’t play.”

According to Gregory the cost of a liability policy would be between $300 and $400 or  less than $30 a player.

In the end the district and the soft ball players agreed to about half that amount.

But softball players warned that last summer’s peace was only a cease fire and that come election time in 2014 they would make their voices heard.

WEN01172014A04In a posting on the High Desert Advocate’s web page a blogger named Coach posted: “I think its horse sh** what the rec. Is doing!!! We r paying a big amount to play softball, sponsored or not, we pay too much money for our time to be cut short. I dnt understand why they wanted the season to be done n over with within 1 month of play.. three games a day is nessessry cause we paid for lights… now we r doing our own thing by trying to play pick up games, but if we dnt pay more $ they not gonna let us play?? Seems to me all they want is more $? We are all vaulentery players vaulentary umps we keep our own score why should we have to pay any more money on top of the 700 $ we pay to start a season (late season at that) a lot of ppl look forward to softball season in wendover, but right now our (1) month season is a joke!!!! We pay the money show us the respect we show the rec. With paying our fees??? That’s all I’m saying. …..”

If the players can keep that passion they could well put at least on candidate on the board. The seat of vice chairman Heidi Lewis, who players blamed most for the fight last summer will be vacant due to term limits and two other seats now held by Bob Loncar and Gary Corona are also up for the ballot.

Any Recreation Board hopefuls must file in Elko between March 3rd and March 14th to appear on the November ballot.


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New Buyer For Rusty Palms?

Posted on 31 January 2014 by Howard Copelan


Four  years after the plug was pulled on the Rusty Palms project and three years after it was taken over by Celtic Bank of Utah there are signs that there is some interest in the property according to Bank officer.

“There is a potential buyer,” said Retail Real Estate Specialist Shay Wood. “Nothing really concrete yet but hopefully. The problem is location no one really wants to spend money in West Wendover”

wrecfraudCeltic Bank foreclosed on the all but completed project in February 2011 when developer Steve Weinstein could not come up with about $2.5 million.

Weinstein officially defaulted on the loan in 2010 and for 12 months Celtic Bank had been trying to off load the two property parcels to another developer with no success.

With the project officially back in the banks hands, the bank can slash the price and recoup at least some of the money it lent. Last year however to make the property even more attractive the bank paid for and built an access road from the project to the I-80 off ramp.

nuggetsuperA year later the building remains empty.

The most natural potential purchaser of the property was considered to be the Peppermill Corporation already the owner of three of five West Wendover casinos. With the original Peppermill located just south of I-80 from the Rusty Palms, the corporation could look to expand across the interstate. At the same time such a purchase could prevent unwanted competition from its back yard.

The company pulled out all stops four years before to prevent the West Wendover city council from modifying the city’s 150 hotel room minimum for new casinos.

But while Rusty Palms property might be attractive to the local gaming giant there are signs that the company simply cannot afford it even at a cut rate price.

WEN01172014A04Like most gaming companies the last five years have been hard and especially for those casino companies based in northern Nevada. For some properties gaming revenues are down over 20 percent from what they were in 2007.

In addition the Peppermill has shown signs that it is done with any more large capital outlays in Wendover for the near future.

After going on a buying spree of formerly city owned property including the fire station, the central section of Wendover Boulevard and the softball fields in the center of town in 2007, the Peppermill unexpectedly postponed plans for any expansion in 2008 and has not revived them since.

While the crash hurt the Peppermill it was devastating to the Rusty Palms.

The project won final approval from the West Wendover City Council in November 2008 and construction began almost immediately and continued through the winter. However while workers began building Weinstein began to receive troubling news, several of the businesses who first expressed interest in coming to the Palms either backed out or went out of business as the Great Recession began to take its toll in Utah.

centranewFacing prospects of a diminishing list of possible tenant Weinstein began to look for ways to save his investment and found one– turn it into a casino.

The only hitch to the plan was West Wendover 150 room hotel room minimum ordinance passed the year before.

Five years ago the council passed an ordinance severely restricting new casino development and putting a requirement that a new casino had to have at least 150 hotel rooms before it could win council okay.

The restrictions are not unique to West Wendover. Indeed several Nevada cities have similar restrictions on the books.

However in West Wendover’s case the city has not seen a new casino since 1986 with the exception of a small slot operation inside the Pilot Truck Stop.

According to Weinstein, a few of the council appeared to be receptive of his request.

But when Weinstein made his request he was vigorously opposed by the Peppermill, first in a two page letter from Corporation President Bill Paganetti read out loud during the meeting and by local Peppermill executives in the audience including Chief of Wendover operations Gary Lewis.

All testified that rescinding the ordinance would have a direct detrimental economic impact on the corporation.

Still work continued on the project, but a month later of 2009 it ran into another problem, one costing about a half a million dollars and more important than the money was the time.

abotionadAccording to Weinstein  he was only informed through the city that April that he was going to be charged a half a million dollars by the NDOT for a right of access, essentially permission to for the road leading to the Rusty Palms cross an imaginary line.

“It was certainly a surprise to me and frankly I was completely unaware that I was liable for that charge.” Weinstein explained.

The fact that the developer only learned of the charge after construction on the project began meant that the hefty surcharge was not taken into account in Rusty Palms financing.

Finding half a million in good times is not the easiest task, finding it during a national recession of unprecedented proportions would have been even more difficult.

Weinstein first appealed to the NDOT and then to the Governor Jim Gibbons. Melville also met with NDOT officials and in May, Assemblyman Carpenter got involved along with state Senator Dean Rhodes.

Two more months of phone calls and negotiations passed and finally the city, the NDOT reached an agreement that in essence gave the right of access to the city and thus eliminate the half a million dollar charge.

But while giving a verbal okay from Carson city and Washington DC was one thing, getting the written approval that would have allowed work to continue on the project was it turned out quite another.

The permit was issued in February 2010 and by then it was simply too late. Facing payments due on his construction loan, no other income coming in, and no new chance at financing Weinstein’s dream turned into a nightmare.

Four years later the building still stands empty.

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Antler Hunting Tips For Newbies/Veterans

Posted on 31 January 2014 by Howard Copelan



With customers in the far east ready to pay up to $10 a pound for deer and elk antlers the Bureau of Land Management issued tips for local antler hunters this week.

wrecfraudLocal residents and visitors are combing eastern Nevada’s backcountry in search of deer and elk antlers shed over the winter.  The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Ely District encourages shed antler hunters to do so only on foot.

Driving trucks or OHVs off open roads and trails damages habitat that deer, elk and other wildlife depend on, says BLM Ely District Wilderness Ranger John Miller.  “Vehicles cut deep tracks in the muddy ground that erodes the soil, reduces the land’s ability to support wildlife; and that can take years to heal,” Miller said.

nuggetsuperMiller offered some suggestions that allow hunters to look for antlers without damaging the public lands, stressing animals in the area or being fined for improper motorized vehicle use:

• Once you arrive at your shed antler hunting area, park your vehicle and hunt for shed antlers on foot.

• Once you’ve found some antlers, pack them to the nearest road. Then, leave them near the side of the road until you can drive back to pick them up.

• Search for shed antlers via horseback.

WEN01172014A04For more information, contact the BLM Ely District Office at (775) 289-1800 or the BLM Caliente Field Office at (775) 726-8100.

Antlers are considered to be aphrodesiac in Chinese medicine and can fetch up to $10 a pound.

In addition to not causing unnecessary environmental damage antler hunters are encouraged to keep track of just where they parked their vehicles to avoid getting lost in the sometimes harsh and unforgiving Nevada outback.


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Posted on 31 January 2014 by Howard Copelan






FY 2014


HOME/LIHTF applications will be available beginning January 30, 2014.


The HOME Program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  State HOME funds are administered by Nevada Housing Division (NHD).  NHD also administers the Low Income Housing Trust Funds.  The LIHTF and HOME funds administered by NHD may be used by qualified organizations for affordable housing projects that serve low-income residents who live in the non-entitled (rural) areas of the State.




Eligible activities are multi-family new construction, multi-family rehabilitation, down payment assistance programs, homeowner rehabilitation programs, transitional housing projects and tenant based rental assistance.


Priority will be given to applicants who will be receiving Low Income Housing Tax Credits from Division.  Developers will need to apply for HOME funds prior to receiving a tax credit allocation.


For more information regarding applications for the HOME and Trust Funds, please call Debbie Parra at, (775) 687-2041, or email


The deadline for submitting completed HOME/Trust applications is February 28, 2014.


Ballot 2014 Last Chance For Local Strip Club?

Posted on 24 January 2014 by Howard Copelan




While Southern X-posure has officially just a year left to stay in the Plaza the coming election as well as the food bank and senior center that could face closure if the club is forced to leave could change things.


This election year could be a make or break for Wendover only strip club Southern X-posure.

With only one year to stay in the Plaza Shopping Center before he must move to West Wendover’s “adult entertainment” zone Scott Bangerter must decide whether to once again enter into local politics, move and perhaps shuttering the Plaza that he also owns.

Seven years ago after more than a decade of legal battles Bangerter and the city council entered into an agreement where the city would stop trying to zone the strip club out of business and that Bangerter would move at the end of 2014.

nuggetsuperThere have been three municipal elections since the agreement was signed and in each and every one of them the strip club owner has not been shy or ungenerous in supporting candidates for city office who would agree to amend the agreement to allow the dancers at Southern X-posure to keep on strutting their stuff.

While some strip club supported candidates have won, they have never been the majority on the council and this year will be the last chance to change that balance for Bangerter.

wrecsocialmediaadBut Bangerter’s support especially in the last election also became a campaign issue in and of itself and may have at least lead to the defeat of then incumbent Mayor Donnie Andersen to Emily Carter.

“Yeah I got hit on it,” Andersen said Wednesday, “But I wouldn’t change my position. I think it is hypocritical for a city in Nevada that lives off of casinos should try and close a strip club. Also I don’t think that without the strip club the Plaza would stay in business.”

Andersen is not alone in his assessment the previous owner of the Plaza, David Steven often said that without the strip club the property would not be viable under the then current economic conditions. That was ten years ago and if anything the business climate in West Wendover has worsened.

centranewThis year the number of West Wendover businesses fell to one of the lowest levels ever according to City Clerk Anna Bartlome.

All five of Wendover Casinos are considered local in the city’s new count even though their corporate headquarters are not located in Wendover. The same is true for West Wendover apartment complexes and for most of the fast food franchises.

Excluding those business from the list the number of locally owned and operated businesses falls below 60 in West Wendover an embarrassingly small number for a city with a population of about 5,000.

charityThe dearth of private enterprise is most acute in the retail industry which apart from Smith’s Food Store is virtually nonexistent in West Wendover.

    Purchases as simple as a computer printer ink, a telephone or even a coffee maker available literally in a half a dozen locations in communities of similar or even smaller sizes as Wendover, often necessitate a 240 mile round trip to Salt Lake City to the east or Elko to the west.

This long term down turn in retail business hit the Plaza Shopping Center particularly hard. Today there are but two retailers at the Plaza.

WEN01172014A04To fill up empty space, Bangerter has become something of a benefactor to not  for profit charities. The largest tenant is the local thrift store/food bank and adjacent to that is the newly opened Senior Citizens’ Center both reportedly paying minimal rent.

If Bangerter is forced to move and shutter the Plaza now it could put the city council in a very uncomfortable political position.

It is one thing to shut down a strip club, a place of depravity, but it is quite another to close down the only charity in town that feeds the hungry and provides clothing to the needy or a senior center, even if they are the unintended consequences of getting rid of the strip club.

emtcourseAnd those unintended consequences may be Bangerter’s ace in the whole even if he does support candidates in the coming elections.

In city meeting after city meeting Bangerter supporters have been strongly out numbered by strip club opponents. But with the poor and the elderly facing eviction the  righteous anger against near naked woman dancing could be softened even from politicians who claim to be fighting for families.

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WP Recallers Come Up Short In Judge Damages Ruling, Total Bill To Lampros $8,000

Posted on 24 January 2014 by Howard Copelan

Senior Judge Charles Thompson

Senior Judge Charles Thompson

Senior District Judge Charles Thompson rewarded the lawyers in the Lampros SLAPP case but left the defendants high and dry in a six page ruling Friday.

Attorneys for Julie Cavanaugh-Bill and Jeff Dickerson received $8,000 for their work in getting White Pine County Commissioner John Lampros thrown out of court. But their clients James Adams, Cheryl Noriega and Tim McGowan got nothing from Thompson.

In their original motion the lawyers had asked for about $9,000 in attorneys’ fees as well as $10,000 to each of the clients in the form of a an anti-SLAPP fine recently allowed by the state.

WEN01172014A04This summer Adams, Noriega and McGowan all White Pine County residents filed a notice of recall against White Pine County Commissioners Mike Lemich and Lampros. Two weeks later Lampros and Lemich filed defamation suits claiming that the allegations in the recall petitions were in fact lies and that slander had damaged them financially and politically.

In response to the defamation suit the three asked the Judge to dismiss the suit on the grounds that they were so called SLAPP actions.

nuggetsuperAs defined by the Nevada Bar Association: A Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation, or SLAPP suit, is abusive litigation where a plaintiff brings a legally questionable claim in order to punish the defendant for exercising his or her First Amendment rights. Often, these suits are based upon defamation and other claims arising from expressive conduct. The purpose of a SLAPP suit is not necessarily to win, but to inflict the punishment of litigation itself.

Last October Thompson did indeed find the whole of Lampros’ suit met the definition of the SLAPP law but kept parts of Lemich’s claims legally alive at least for the time being.

wrecsocialmediaadIn a separate ruling Thompson agreed with the defendants that three of Lemich’s claims to slander did indeed meet the definition of a SLAPP suit.

However the judge also rule that four did not.

click for ruling:ruling

It is important to note the Thompson did not rule on the veracity of Lemich’s claims that he was slandered, only that four of the allegations were not on the face obviously false or that the defendants made them in bad faith. That determination the judge pointed out may be for a jury to decide.

The judge ruled that the claim Lemich was under investigation for theft did not meet the SLAPP definition and that it would not be dismissed at least in regards to the SLAPP motion.

He also ruled that the allegations of slander regarding the Dismantling of the County Fire and EMS services was a SLAPP suit and thus dismissed. However the judge refused to dismiss the slander charges on the allegations that Lemich caused the county commission to commit violations of state statutes.

centranewIn addition Thompson refused to dismiss slander charges regarding the Lemich had a conflict of interest regarding the county land exchange with Midway Gold and that he had a vendetta against the Ely Airport. On of the three defendants in the suit James Adams is the manager of the airport.

With the mixed ruling the defendants can either appeal or they can seek dismissal on other grounds besides claiming SLAPP.

Late last year, Lemich did indeed re filed the portions of his suit in district court.

click for Lemich re-filing: CV13071132ND

The timing of the suit as well as the timing of Thompson’s original ruling also became issues since the fines asked for by the defense only became legal after October 1, 2013. Well after the SLAPP suit was filed but before the ruling was given.

Defense lawyers argued that since the case “ended” after the dead line the fines should be given, the judge disagreed.


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Casinos, Pro Bettors Gear Up For Record Super Bowl Action

Posted on 24 January 2014 by Howard Copelan



Wendover Casinos are gearing up what could be the heaviest betting  Superbowl since the Steve Young era of the San Francisco 49er’s.

Superbowl betting is unlike regular sports betting that is usually dominated by professionals or at least serious amateurs. Come the big game people who would otherwise never place a bet on any team in any sport will make the minimum wager on “their” team just to show support. And for most Wendover gamblers the overwhelming and enthusiastic favorite is the Denver Bronco’s, Salt Lake City’s “home” team.

nuggetsuperLocated just an hour and a half by plane and under $100 for the ticket, Denver is closest city with an NFL franchise to Salt Lake. Even the seven or so hours driving puts the city comfortably close for die hard fans. With Wendover the closest place where fans can legally make a bet the math is simple: Denver already the favorite to win will attract even more fan bettors than the average Superbowl especially in Wendover.

That could be music to the ears of those running sports books. The heavy action on Denver gives sports books the luxury of adjusting the line to a very safe zone.

WEN01172014A04It is important to remember sports books usually do not make money on which team wins but on how much money is gambled. Usually luck is balance by the all important line, the point spread along with the estimate of how many total points will be scored in the upcoming match.

Most of the time for every big winner there is a big loser so the worst a sports book can do most of the time is to break even on the bets after taking their percentage.

But with a horde of heavily partisan fans one can throw the science of sports betting out the window and a savvy sports bettor can make a very tidy profit.

wrecsocialmediaad“Right now the Broncos are 2.5 over/under 47.5 at the Wendover Nugget.” said local sports betting maven Luciano “Lucky” Soriano. “Well you have a option you can bet either side but you can also bet if the team will score over 47 points or under 47 points. You see most people will bet Broncos and over 47.5 or Seattle and under 47.5 points. Its all what people think could happened. You see I’m thinking Denver will win because they have a QB that can throw the ball short up the middle and long and also a running game. On the other side you have a team that is real good in defense but they have a horrible offence all they have is a real good running back and a running QB. I’m thinking Broncos and under 28-17. My prediction is Broncos win 28-17. So if the line is Broncos -2.5  favorite and not go over the 47.5 point it will maybe Broncos 28 to 17 Seattle so 45 combine points.”

That explanation might be as well as in Greek to the fan bettors but for Lucky he would not have it any other way.




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