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Firecracker 100 Nevada Northern Railway

Posted on 31 July 2014 by Howard Copelan

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 10.27.44 AMEly, Nevada-Smokin’ deals can be found on the Firecracker 100 Online Auction benefitting the Nevada Northern Railway, National Historic Landmark, est. 1905, in Ely, Nevada. Just go to the railroad website at and click on the auction.
There you will find 100 items, from its award-winning Polar Express to the opportunity to BE the Engineer of a locomotive with a variety of items in-between, including an original watercolor painting and antiques/collectibles. New this year is the opportunity to bid on your own private charter steam train. Party like it’s 1909 with your own private charter steam train, seating from 1-140 people, up to 2.5 hours. This includes your own Conductor, Engineer, Fireman and Brakeman – plus locomotive, two passenger cars, open-air flat car and caboose. Starting bid is $995.


There are also several opportunities to Ride with the Engineer in the locomotive cab; or to BE the Engineer of, not one but, two different locomotives – another new item this year. Fans of History’s hit TV show, “American Restoration,” can bid on tickets to ride the Res- toration Rails steam train. This train pays homage to the seven artifacts

restored by Las Vegas’ Rick’s Restorations and featured on the TV show. All items are tax-free, as the railroad is a nonprofit museum. Proceeds will

benefit the Museum and continue to preserve this important piece of American history. But, you snooze, you lose: auction ends Saturday, Aug. 2.


Wilson Bates

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Local Girl Takes 2nd In MotoCross National Championships

Posted on 25 July 2014 by Howard Copelan


Kaylee Willis


Wendover’s own Kaylee Willis took 2nd place the National Motosport Association championships this month in Norman Oklahoma this week.

“We want to give a big thanks to everyone in the community  that helped with donations and also with the bake sale,” said father Steve. “We also want to thank Centerpoint GNC of Summerland and also Uncle Charlie. Without the help of you guys none of this would have been possible.

The 13 year old Kaylee is the daughter of Steve and Riki Willis and has been racing since she was eight years old.

“Her cousin came to visit and brought his little boys electric motorcycle.” said dad Steve. “She rode it for hours until her cousin wanted it back. She threw a fit because she had to give it back. So needless to say I went out and bought her first Honda crf 50.”

wrecaquaFrom riding Kaylee began to race first in Tooele and with the AMA arena cross. “She now rides a 2014 kx 85 (Kawasaki) motocross in our family is a lot like football with other families,” Steve added. “Motocross is a hard sport and could be dangerous if your not wearing the right gear; a helmet, goggles, gloves, the right kind of pants and shirt, a chest guard, neck protector, knew and elbow pads and of course motocross boots.”

She has also raced with the AMA arena cross series has also raced in Utah, Idaho, Colorado and also in California. Her most resent race was at Milestone in Riverside California this past weekend where she placed first in her division. She is planning on  becoming a pro motocross racer. She works with her trainer Kelly Yancy in California where she trains on accomplishing her goals. After nationals this year her next step on becoming pro will be racing at Ponca, Oklahoma next year then racing at Loretta’s in Tennessee described as the super bowl of amateur racers.

Motocross races usually last 20 to 30 minutes per motor for the pros where the go around a track that has jumps, berms, whoops and other rhythm sections that racers go their fastest in order to be the first one with the checkered flag.

centraphone“Kaylee’s races are basically the same but usually only last between 10 to 20 minutes or 4 to 7 laps around the track. The motocross tracks are big enough to fill a football stadium.” Steve explained. “Kaylee has two older brothers that also ride dirt bikes for fun and then has two younger sisters. Kaylee will be starting her 8th grade year being home schooled in order to give her more freedom to practice and to travel for her races without having to miss school. Kaylee has lived in west Wendover for the past 7 years where she has attended both the elementary and Jr high school

The National Motosport Association (NMA) was founded in 1970 when motocross wasn’t quite the sport it is today.

The NMA  presents The Grand National Championship of Motocross in Oklahoma with 2014 being the 39th year for the event. It is the original national championship program with 38 qualifying regions across the United States. The top racers from these regions gather in Oklahoma for a final test of their racing talent and skill.

Fandango6 - 2014

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New School Back On After Creative Budget Cutting

Posted on 25 July 2014 by Howard Copelan

Architect's drawing of new West Wendover elementary school

Architect’s drawing of new West Wendover elementary school


The on again off again new West Wendover Elementary School could be on again if the Elko County School Board approves cost cutting modifications in its next meeting, said District Superintendent Jeff Zander this week.

“We made some changes to the plan that will bring it in under budget,” Zander said.

This May based on recommendations from school district staff the Elko county School Board rejected all bids for the elementary school.

“Every bid came in over the estimated budget,” Zander explained at the time. “We will have to go back to the drawing board and maybe do some cutting.”

centraphoneThe new elementary was part of a $33 million project that also included a retro fit of the current elementary school into a middle school and a new road to alleviate traffic congestion and a ball field.

The school board had put the project at the top of the “pay as you go” agenda in which means construction on the new school could start in 2014 and be completed in 2015.

Pay-as-you-go school tax revenue through the end of fiscal year 2013 is estimated at just over $39 million, according to the five-year plan.

The need for a middle school in West Wendover was acknowledged almost since the West Wendover Jr/Sr high school opened in 1996.

However the project was sidelined in the late 1990’s when the price of gold collapsed and tax revenues in Elko County subsequently plunged. Talk of the new middle began again in the mid 2000’s but again the economy turned sour in the Great Recession and all building projects were put on indefinite hold.

wrecaquaIn the meantime West Wendover made due with stopped gap temporary trailers that now house about 50 percent of its elementary students.

The district had planned for a maximum of about $33 million to be spent for the school, Zander said. Bids came in at nearly $40 million.

Board members they would not vote to accept the bid if it would mean postponing other projects in the district because of budgetary concerns.

The major cost cutting changes Zander said came not from the building itself but rather its location.

Instead of putting the new school in the middle of the property it was moved closer to the side thus shortening the access road the district committed to build. As any West Wendover parent can attest traffic is a major safety problem at the current elementary school.

With the scool board approval construction on the new school could begin this year.


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Elko Girls Donate Books To Israelis, Pawn shop Owner Sends Wii’s To Beleaguered Children

Posted on 25 July 2014 by Howard Copelan


Emillie, Dezi, and Brittanie Aue of Elko with the books they are sending to the children of Netivot, Israel


In an amazing display of the power of the internet and the power of compassion a collection of video game players and books will be heading from Elko to the beleaguered residents of southern Israel next month.

“Guys. We are trying to arrange for some activities for families in Netivot. Basically they are living in public bomb shelters. If anyone has old play stations or any gaming consoles that they are prepared to donate together with games please let me know,” wrote Barry Cohen a Realtor from Ra’anana, Israel on his Facebook page last week.

Netivot was founded in 1956 as a Negev development town. The first residents were immigrants from Morocco and Tunisia. In the 1990s, they were joined by immigrants from Russia and Ethiopia. For many years, Netivot suffered from high unemployment. Since 2008, Netivot has been a major target of missile attacks from Gaza. In the current conflict with Hamas terrorists well over 300 rockets have been fired at Netivot and residents have 15 seconds to make it to a bomb shelter.

Cohen’s post caught the eye of Facebook friends and Advocate Publishers Howard and Corinne Copelan. The Copelans who have three children and two grandchildren living in Israel and were planning to fly out this Sunday while having no used gaming systems themselves the Copelans knew someone who might, Jeni-Lei Powell of Ruby Mountain Pawn in Elko.

“I just wanted to see how much she would charge me but before I could even ask a price she said she was donating the two Wii’s she had in her store and would round up at least one more,” Howard Copelan said. “She is really quite amazing to be so charitable to people she has never met in a country she has never been to.”

centraphoneThe amazement did not end with Powell. Rachel Aue a member of the LIVE RUDE GIRLS heard about Ruby Mountain Pawn’s donation of game systems. She went home and asked her daughters Emillie, Dezi, and Brittanie if they were forced to be someplace like a bunker what would they like to have with them to keep them occupied?

“BOOKS!!!” They answered. The three girls then spent the last three days going through their books deciding which ones they would like to share with the children of southern Israel.

The actual donation will however be postponed. Tuesday Federal Aviation Administration ordered the cancellation of all commercial flights to Israel for 36 hours and Wednesday extended the period to another 36 hours.

“We simply can’t get a flight in,” Copelan said. “We have to postpone and looks like we may be able to go by late August. Hopefully by then things will be better and more hopefully by then the children of southern Israel will never have to go to bomb shelter again.”

There are four Elko County natives now living in Israel and as of press time well over 6,000 rockets have been fired onto Israel.

Well within Hamas’ missile range is the Israeli city of Netanya where both the Zohars and the Copelans each have a daughter living.

“Shoshana is fine,” said Baruch Zohar Wednesday. “We keep in touch by phone and computer. She is working and yes she is keeping safe.”

wrecaquaA former editor of the Elko Independent and 2008 graduate of Elko High School, Shoshana Zohar emigrated to Israel last year at the age of 24 shortly after graduating from Westminster College in Salt Lake City.

Shoshana lives less than a couple of miles away from fellow Nevadan, Anna Copelan Mowszowski, 30, who with husband Russell have two sons Oz two and a half and Ram a month and a half.

Daughter of Advocate publishers Howard and Corinne Copelan Anna emigrated in 2002 after she graduated from West Wendover High School. She graduated from Jerusalem’s Hebrew University in 2006 and then entered the Israeli Army for a two year stint.

According to Mowszowski shortly before a missile was sighted coming to Netanya last Tuesday night she was awakened by the siren and moved herself and her two children to a bomb resistant safe room in her apartment.

fandagoThe reason for both women’s relative serenity under the unprecedented missile attack is the Iron Dome anti-missile system. Developed by Israel and partially funded by the US the system destroys, what was once thought to be impossible, low flying short range missile.

First deployed in the 2012 during a previous missile war with Gaza, Iron Dome has almost single handily take terror missiles aimed solely at civilian populations centers out of the equation.

In addition to Anna, the Copelans have two sons also in Israel. The oldest, Sam, a 2005 graduate for West Wendover High School is a captain in the Israeli Army reserves and was recently called up to secure the border on the Golan Heights. His younger brother Arieh a 2010 graduate of WWHS just finished his mandatory service in the IDF. While the younger Copelan was on the front line in the 2012 almost war in Gaza this time around Arieh is between postings from the standing army and the reserves and will probably be forced to sit this conflict out as a civilian.


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Elko Man Arrested In Wendover Car Theft

Posted on 25 July 2014 by Howard Copelan


Peter Zieman


An Elko City man had a really bad Saturday night in Wendover and now sits in the Elko County Jail on one count of felony car theft and on count of drug paraphernalia.

According to police reports the Tooele County, Utah Sheriff’s Department alerted West Wendover Police that a car reported stolen could be in Wendover. A short time later during a regular patrol the car was spotted in the parking lot of a apartment complex. While police were interviewing residents of the apartment Peter Zieman, 29, of Elko arrived to the lot and in front of officers entered the car and tried to drive off. He was stopped. Arrested for car theft Zieman’s night got worse when a search revealed a bag on him that contained suspected drug paraphernalia.

His bail was listed at $7,274.


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Nevada Schools Worst In Nation, Elko Co. Schools Much Better Off

Posted on 25 July 2014 by Howard Copelan

Las Vegas school children

Las Vegas school children

While Nevada as a whole ranked at the very bottom of an analysis of children’s well-being, Elko County is doing considerably better said School District Superintendent Jeff Zander.

“The county is somewhere in the middle,” Zander said this week. “Most of the real bad results are coming from Clark County which still has a really high unemployment and other factors.”

The report was released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation this week.

“Nevada continues to gain ground, but we remain in 50th place. That’s unacceptable,” Nevada Superintendent of Public Instruction Dale Erquiaga told the Review Journal. “We’re changing the way the state department (of education) works and expect districts to do the same.”

shoshoneAccording to the analysis Nevada children didn’t fare much better for overall well-being, beating only New Mexico and Mississippi for the umbrella ranking taking into account children’s health, education, economic security and state of families and the community.

“I wasn’t surprised at all,” said Rennae Daneshvary, director of Nevada’s portion of the 25th annual Kids Count report told the Review Journal.

centraphoneWith its huge almost 2 million population Clark County makes up over two thirds of all Nevada residents however there is a vast difference between the glitter and glitz of the Strip and the ranch lands of rural Nevada. And the statistics in eduction by county bear it out. Clark County has a drop out rate of well over six percent while Elko county’s rate is just of one percent.

Over six percent of Clark county High School students fail their proficiency test while in Elko the number is 3.8 percent.

Almost a quarter of Clark County children are living in poverty according to the analysis compared to 13 percent in Elko County.

Still suffering from the 2008 recession Clark County’s unemployment rate is close to eight percent. Elko County’s is less than six.

“It is really comparing two different states,” Zander said. “But because Clark county has such a huge population in overwhelms anything coming our of Elko. Yes we have our problems here but they are also unique from Las Vegas.”


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Sandra Andersen Passes 1940-2014

Posted on 24 July 2014 by Howard Copelan

Sandra Andersen 1940-2014

Sandra Andersen 1940-2014


Sandra Jean Andersen, beloved wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, sister and friend passed away July 18, 2014 at the age of 74. She was born June 26, 1940 in Elko, Nevada to Donald and Eleanor Jean Long. She graduated from Wells High School in 1958 and attended business college in Reno, Nevada. She married Howard L. Andersen on June 12, 1960. Sandy had played many roles in her life. She was a book keeper, substitute teacher, bank teller, sales clerk, delivered the newspaper, and ran her son’s gym. She volunteered many hours of her life as the scorekeeper at the baseball field. She enjoyed the outdoors, arts and crafts, and playing bunko with the ladies. She was a wonderful cook and loved being with family, friends, and her many pets. Sandy was loved dearly and will be missed by everyone. Survived by her husband Howard; her children Michael (Patty), Donald (Kris), James (Samantha); siblings Kent (Bobbie) Long, Brenda (Larry) Stokes; 10 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. Preceded in death by her parents. A viewing will be held Saturday, July 26, 2014 from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM with funeral services to follow at 11:00 AM at the Wendover LDS Church, 341 East Moriah Ave. Sandy will be laid to rest at the Wendover City Cemetery.

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Randall Lee Lacy Passes 1952-2014

Posted on 24 July 2014 by Howard Copelan

Randall Lee Lacy Passes 1952-2014

Randall Lee Lacy 1952-2014


On July 16, 2014 we lost our beloved father, grandfather, brother, veteran and friend, Randall Lee Lacy, at his home in Wendover, Utah.   He was born October 15, 1952 in Dragerton, Utah to Earl Jr. and Mary Jane Robinson Lacy, the middle child of 8 children.  He graduated from Wendover High School in ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­1971.  He received an honorable discharge from the United States Army (1972-1974) where he served in Germany.  He skied the beautiful Alps and learned to love the German culture.  He received the National Defense Service Medal and was proud to be a veteran. After completing his military service, he attended Utah State University, where he studied natural resources.  Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Married Rhonda Haney, later divorced.  

Father to twin daughters Julie Ann and Jennifer Lynn.  He loved to spend time in the outdoors hunting and fishing and was called the camp chef on the trips, as he enjoyed cooking.  He worked as a card dealer and bartender in many casinos throughout Nevada.  Survived by his twin daughters Julie Ann Fairchild (Eric) Muskogee, OK,  Jennifer Joan Carey (Tracy Sebastian) Wendover, NV;  4 grandchildren: Alexander Lee Leon Carey, Cassandra Lynn Carey, Cera Lee Fairchild, Ann Marie Fairchild; one great-grandchild Jennifer Sky Carey; brothers Earl Lacy (Glenda), Rick Lacy (Ginny), Ron Lacy (Francis); sisters Robin Lacy (Terry Parker), Lorelei Barrera (Mike), Terry Linares (Kenneth).  He was preceded in death by his parents, brother Claude Scott, and many family members  who were there waiting to embrace him.

The family wishes to thank the medical personnel at Salt Lake Veterans Administration Medical Center, University of Utah Burn Center, Huntsman Cancer Hospital, Mount Olympus and St. Joseph Rehabilitation Centers for the care and support provided him. 

Memorial Services will be held on Monday, July 28, 2014 at 12:00 Noon at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Ward Chapel in Wendover, Utah.

The family requests in lieu of flowers, make a donation to the Huntsman Cancer Hospital or the University of Utah Burn Center.  Randy’s family and friends love him and we know he is at peace.   

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Lane Shelton Cops Plea, Avoids Trial

Posted on 18 July 2014 by Howard Copelan

Lane Shelton

Lane Shelton

Lane Shelton has agreed to plead guilty to two felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon and being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm in exchange for the Elko County district Attorney’s dropping of an attempted murder charge.

The plea bargain is too be finalized August 10th during a hearing before Elko District Judge Nancy Porter.

centraphoneShelton was arrested in late April after shooting at but missing his ex-wife with a pistol said sheriff’s spokesman.

“Evidently the two had been divorced but were still living together in Montello.” said Elko Sheriff’s Detective Nick Czegledi said at the time. “Allegedly there was a fight and Shelton reportedly shot at his ex-wife as she was leaving the house.”

Deputies were called and Shelton was arrested at the home without incident. He was charged with one count of attempted murder and given a $100,000 bail.

wrecaquaIn addition to facing the criminal counts, Shelton also was facing losing his property to the victim of the crime his ex-wife Mary Temoke.

temokeIn a legal advertisement which ran in the High Desert Advocate, Shelton advised that buying any of his property from Temoke might not be legal: PUBLIC NOTICE, reads the ad, Lane Shelton DID NOT give Mary Temoke authorization to sell any real or personal property.

However with the plea bargain and an estimated minimum of six years in jail keeping his things may now be the last thing on Shelton’s mind.

Shelton has received a large amount of moral support from Wendover area supporters for whom the plea deal may be devastating.

According to several facebook posts the man described as generous and gentle was only guilty of shooting at the roof of the home the couple shared and the charges against him were a gross exaggeration of what was in essence a domestic dispute.

click link for full plea bargain agreement: sheltonplea

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I-80 Pick-Up Killer Blood Alcohol 3 Times Over Limit

Posted on 18 July 2014 by Howard Copelan

Paul Michael Mumford

Paul Michael Mumford

Paul Michael Mumford the man accused of causing a July 3rd multiple fatal car crash near Wendover had more than three time the legal limit of alcohol in his blood said Tooele County Attorney Doug Hogan.

According to blood test released Tuesday mum ford’s blood alcohol content taken shortly after the accident was 02.4 four time the 0.08 that defines driving under the influence in Utah.

“It is about the equivalent of drinking a 12 pack of beer in an hour or a bottle of hard liquor over the same time,” Hogan said.

Mumford was arraigned Monday on three counts of open murder in Utah’s Third District Court by the Tooele County Attorney’s office. It was his first court appearance.

shoshoneMumford is accused of killing Delphine John, 44, and her daughters Delilah Ramirez, 20, and Anaya Adame Orozco, 3, all of Farmington when he crashed head on into their SUV while driving on the wrong side of Interstate 80. The only occupant of the SUV who survived was identified as Jose Fidel Adame Orozco, 36 is now conscious after being a week in a coma. He was informed of his wife’s and children’s death shortly after he awoke.

“I understand he took it very, very hard,” Hogan said.

Mumford could be facing the death penalty said Gary K. Searle Chief Deputy Tooele County Attorney

Mumford according to Searle the number of deaths alone could qualify Mumford a trip to Death Row.

“One of the special circumstances in Utah law that makes one eligible for the death penalty is the number of deaths,” Searle explained. “If more than two deaths are involved one could be eligible.”

As the only victim recovers and as Mumford waits in jail the Tooele Attorney’s office is building its case against him.

Working with the West Wendover Police Department and with the cooperation of the city’s casinos investigators have collected security surveillance tapes and hotel records to review Mumford’s actions and where abouts the hours before the crash.

According to Utah Highway Patrol reports shortly before the crash several calls of an erratic pickup truck driver were received around 6:30 p.m. Friday.

centraphoneWitnesses told police the driver of a pickup truck identified as Mumford stopped in the median at one point, and another driver told him he needed to stop driving. Another driver, who had observed the pickup truck driver’s alleged reckless driving, also pulled into the median and confronted him. The pickup truck driver then turned around and drove away.  According to UHP, the pickup driver then made a U-turn and drove east on the westbound lanes, ultimately colliding head-on with the Suburban at 80 mph.

The Suburban involved in the incident had the engine knocked out of it.

According to the charging documents Mumford spoke briefly to UHP troopers after the crash.

“Mr. Mumford stated that he left Wendover and must have fallen asleep. He did not remember anything about the accident, ” according to the charges.

wrecaquaMumford then asked the trooper if anyone had been hurt or died in the crash. When the investigator told him yes, he stopped answering his questions and asked for an attorney, the charges state.

A warrant for cash-only $400,000 bail was issued for Mumford.

Mumford had a long history of drinking, driving and violence according to Salt Lake County Jail records.

Going back at least as far as 2000 Mumford was arrested no less than six times most of the charges either stem from DUI’s, public intoxication or domestic violence jail records indicate.

There is however a nine year gap between an October 2005 arrest for hit and run and a June 2014 arrest of domestic assault.


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