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Breaking News: Lee’s Liquor Store Partnering With Mesquite Marijuana Facility

Posted on 31 July 2017 by Howard Copelan

Lee senior with his son, Kenny Lee, company’s president since 1993, join the Mesquite team for a bid at a marijuana facility in West Wendover. (photo credit Lee’s Discount Liquor).

One of Lee’s Discount Liquor stores in Las Vegas, like the one being built in Wendover. (photo credit Lee’s Discount Liquor).

The owners of the new Lee’s Discount Liquor Store who broke ground last December in Wendover, and due to open end of July-beginning of August just became partners with the Mesquite Marijuana facility operators. What it means is that the Mesquite partners have now a very good chance to get the bid from the City of West Wendover. In effect, there are only five liquor distributors in Nevada, and Lee’s Discount Liquor Store owners are one them. When the facilities open, they need, by the Nevada law, to have a distributor from the growers  of marijuana to the retail store, and only liquor distributors who are in business more than ten years can deal with the Marijuana business of distribution. Because of it the other facilities who will apply for opening in Wendover might have a lesser chance to win the bid. Mr Lee senior(Hae Un Lee) immigrated in 1980, with his family to Las Vegas, from South Korea. The South Korean immigrant started his own business 36 years ago, because no one would hire him as he did not spoke English yet.

Lee enjoyed drinking and noticed how easily supermarkets sold alcohol. Because of that, Lee decided this might be the perfect business, as he thought he wouldn’t need to talk much to his customers. He worked hard to  learn English and the liquor business. Lee’s Discount Liquor celebrate its 36th anniversary and is the largest liquor store chain in Las Vegas, with 20 locations, including one in Mesquite. West Wendover will be the 21st store.

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