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Breaking News: Wendover Officer Hit and Run

Posted on 26 January 2018 by Howard Copelan


A few weeks ago, a Wendover Utah police officer had been involved in a hit and run, leaving the scene of an accident and not reporting the incident, at the Bonneville Apartment Complex.  He had gone to a young woman’s apartment, told her he had a call for a domestic issue and wanted to search her place and make sure she was okay. She said “No you cannot. It is not me who called, there isn’t any domestic issue as I am home alone, and I am fine”.  He then left, and while he was leaving he hit a car in the parking lot.  From the security video tapes, he got out of his car, looked only at the police car for damage, got back in his car and drove off. He never took down licences plates of the vehicle he hit, never called the apartment office or checked any apartment to see who’s car he damaged, never left his contact information. He never followed the procedures that is required by law from an officer or anyone else.  On Tuesday morning a tenant from one of the Bonneville apartments came to the office and said to the apartment manager that her car had been hit Monday night or Tuesday early morning, and if they could check the security tapes. By Wednesday morning the manager asked her if she had called the police and if she also made a report to her insurance. She said she would do so now. Then at 3:30 p.m. same day, a Utah police officer, Rick Giles along with a Tooele Highway patrol officer, trooper Steck, arrived and checked the tapes. They discovered that officer London Chapman, a Utah police officer on duty that Monday night, was involved in the hit and run. Officer Rick Giles said to the tenant: “don’t worry, your damages will been taking care off, here is a case #”. The manager then said: “If an officer can break the law like that he clearly thinks he is above the law. He commited a felony, he should be accountable for his actions.”

We talk to officer Steck and the investigation still continues.


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