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Moderately Bat Sh*# Crazy

Posted on 19 November 2015 by Howard Copelan

Howard Copelan, Publisher

Howard Copelan, Publisher

We are Islamaphobes.

Muslims scare the crap out of us.

Yes we know that not all Muslims are terrorists but lets be honest Islam is not a religion of peace, more like a religion of pieces of human beings blown apart by suicide bombers.

In the past 30 years or so Muslims level of crazy has only gotten worse and more horrific.

Yes we know that these murderers represent only a small percentage of Muslims but we ask to forget about the wild eyed assassins. The average Muslim one can find on the streets of say Paris or Abu Dabi believes in crap that if espoused by anyone else would qualify him or her as bat sh## crazy.

According to a little public opinion poll taken this year the vast majority of Muslims belie the death penalty is appropriate for a whole variety of sins against the body politic.

Convert away from Islam— one should die

Question Islam as the supreme religion— one should die

Commit adultery— one should die or at least be raped

Be gay— one should die.

These are just some of the laws Muslims adopt when they are in the majority. Must we remind you that these are the “moderates”.

We really don’t care if somehow some when Muslims will somehow be fixed.

But Muslim society is broken now and the smartest thing to do is to put them under some kind of quarantine or as we say in Arabic Haram.

Yes we know there are Christian crazies but the absolute worst thing they do is knock on our door proclaiming the “Good News” granted that can be a bit annoying but they aren’t going to cut our heads off if we decline.

And yes there are Jewish crazies too but the worst they have done is build a greenhouse where they shouldn’t.

And there are Buddhist, and Shintoist and just about every other kind of fanatic. But it is only the Muslim screw balls who think mass murder is okay and their moderate play understand their pain.

We gave up trying to understand their grievances the day we captured a 12 year old fighter with the PLO in Beirut.

His commander left him to face us with a chopped down Ak47 and a plastic key around his neck.

The key was to open the gates of Paradise after he achieved martyrdom.

We took away his gun, his key, and kicked him in the butt and sent him home to mama.

When he got to a safe distance he turned around and shouted that there would come a day when his humiliation would be avenged.

Could have and perhaps should have killed him then and there.

But we didn’t because we were decent.

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